Parents Association

The Ethel Walker School Parents Association (EWSPA) is made up of an executive board and parent volunteers like you.

We donate our time and talents to support our students and faculty in many ways. Every parent or guardian becomes a member of the EWSPA by virtue of the Parents Association dues collected in the fall. We look forward to enriching our daughters’ experiences at Walker’s through special events, programs, and projects. We welcome any additional parents who want to get involved.

Through your generous membership fees, the EWSPA provides many activities for your daughters while at Walker’s (see below). The EWSPA also hosts a Faculty and Staff Appreciation Luncheon in April to thank all of the wonderful people who help our daughters each year.

We encourage you to get involved in enriching our daughters’ lives on campus. Please contact me for additional information:

Colleen Magnus P’20
President, The Ethel Walker School Parents Association

2019-2020 Board Members

Colleen Magnus P’20

Natalie Corbett P’21
Vice President

Shari Nastri P’21

Beth Strapp P’18, ’21

Grace Petrarca P’19, ’21
Upper School Committee Chairperson,
Nominating Committee Chairperson

Shayna Luciani ’93, P’20, ’21
All-School Committee Chairperson,
President Emeritus

Kristin Webster P’21
All-School Committee

Karen Donshik P’24
Middle School Committee Chairperson,
Middle School Parent Ambassador

Joe Petrarca P’19, ’21
Athletic/Arts Committee Chairperson

Kim Zeytoonjian P’21
Upper School Day Parent Ambassador

Annie Pelayo P’20
Boarding Parent Ambassador

Class Representatives

2020 Shayna Luciani ’93, P’21, ’22 and Debbie Savino P’20

2021 Mary Greggains P’21

2022 Kelli Verano P’22, Libby Ridgley P’22, Mark and Lisa Arnold P’22

2023 Patricia Krupnikoff P’23, Terri Franzi P’23

EWSPA Bylaws

The name of this organization shall be The Ethel Walker School Parents Association (hereafter referred to as “EWSPA”).

The EWSPA strives to build community within The Ethel Walker School by fostering connections both among parents and between parents and the School. The EWSPA also works with students and School administration to support their efforts at Walker’s and within the greater community. Additionally, the EWSPA assists the School in its fundraising efforts.

Additionally, the EWSPA strives to assist the school in its fundraising efforts subject to the EWSPA approval.  Each member of the EWSPA Board is a committed participant in the Annual Fund.

Every Middle School and Upper School parent or guardian is a member of the EWSPA by virtue of collection of mandatory dues approved by the EWSPA board. The amount of the annual dues shall be recommended at the conclusion of each School year by the EWSPA Board and approved and collected by the school in September. These dues shall be used to defray the costs of EWSPA activities and other functions.

    1. The EWSPA Board shall be responsible for conducting the general business of the Parents Association and shall consist of the following members: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Upper School Committee Chairperson, Middle School Committee Chairperson, All School Committee Chairperson, International Parent Ambassador, Boarding Parent Ambassador, Upper Day School Parent Ambassadors, Athletics/Arts Ambassador and President Emeritus.

Terms for EWSPA board members shall run from July 1st to June 30th.

The eleven voting members of the EWSPA Board shall consist of the Executive Committee plus committee chairs and liaisons. The Executive Committee shall consist of the president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. These members of the executive committee shall attend each EWSPA Board meeting or submit a report to the President prior to a meeting or any special session of the Executive Committee.

President (two year term; advances to President Emeritus)

  • Meet with head of school as needed
  • Chair EWSPA Board meetings, preparing and managing to an agenda
  • Attend Board of Trustee meetings
  • Sign reimbursement requests when Treasurer is unavailable
  • Ensure EWSPA Board representation at various council, committee, and school meetings such as the Administrative Council; Class Advisors; Parent Conference Calls; etc.

Vice President (one year term, may serve back-to-back terms; Board-offered option to advance to president

  • Fill in for the president as required
  • Maintain EWSPA bylaws and ensure EWSPA adheres to bylaws as adopted
  • Represent EWSPA Board at various council, committee, and school meetings as directed by the president
  • Organize social events and training for the EWSPA Board

Treasurer (one year term; may serve back-to-back terms)

  • Review, approve, and submit reimbursement and check requests
  • Review monthly account statements and resolve issues as they arise
  • Provide updates to each committee chair and to the EWSPA Board regarding revenue, expenditures, and variances

Secretary (one year term; may serve back-to-back terms)

For each EWSPA board meeting: schedule meeting room; take and distribute meeting notes

  • Collect notes and updates from committee chairs
  • Maintain book of event information, costs associated with events, board agendas and minutes, bylaws, and board member/committee listings
  • Collaborate with president and EWS director of parent relations on distribution of information in weekly, electronic EWS newsletters

Committee Chair(one year term; may serve back-to-back terms)

There shall be five committee chairs: The Upper School Committee, The All School Committee, The Middle School Committee, The Nominating Committee and the Athletic/Arts Committee. Each committee chair is responsible for:

  • Scheduling, planning, and holding committee meetings as required by the EWSPA bylaws
  • Ensuring assigned committee events and responsibilities are fulfilled
  • Recruiting, welcoming and involving all parent volunteers
  • Providing notes of committee meetings to the EWSPA Secretary
  • Attending EWSPA Board meetings to represent his/her committee and to provide an update to fellow EWSPA Board members
  • Communicating to his/her committee any information or updates from the EWSPA Board meetings


There shall be four ambassadors: one for international parents, one for boarding parents, one for day parents, and one for Middle School parents. The role of the ambassadors is to be a point of contact for parents, the EWSPA Board and the EWS administration. The ambassadors are expected to attend each EWSPA Board meeting.

President Emeritus(non-voting position; one year term)

  • The outgoing EWSPA president shall serve for one term as the president emeritus. The responsibilities of the president emeritus include:
    • Advising the executive committee
    • Providing history and context for past decisions

During the March/April/May time frame, the EWSPA Board will present a slate of EWSPA Board candidates and officers for the next school year to the head of school (or designee) for approval.

  1. The EWSPA Board shall meet at least six times per school year, recommended as follows: September, October, November, January, March (or April), May. These meetings are open to all members of the EWSPA.
  2. A quorum shall consist of at least two members of the Executive Committee and three other members of the EWSPA Board, and shall be required for decisions regarding budget and amendments to bylaws.
  3. The Executive Committee shall meet as needed.
  4. The Upper School, Middle School and All School Committees shall meet as needed, to be determined by Committee Chairs. A minimum of four times per school year is recommended.
  5. Updates from all committees shall be submitted to the EWSPA secretary prior to meetings upon the secretary’s request.

  1. The Upper School Committee shall include parent representatives of the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes, as well as Boarding Parent Representative(s). Committee members will support Class Advisors in helping to initiate and implement student-led activities. Boarding parents may also assist in coordinating “Random Acts of Kindness” programs initiated by the boarding parent liaison.
  2. The Middle School Committee shall be responsible for planning and implementing seasonal activities, class parties, eighth grade promotion, and any other appropriate activities.
  3. The All School Committee shall be responsible for parent representation and planning of the following: Opening Days meet and greet, Family Weekend social, parent forums, parent socials, teacher appreciation events, Dogswood Day, and any other appropriate activities.
  4. The Nominating Committee shall be responsible for meeting possible candidates for board positions and communicating with the board about these prospects.
  5. The Athletic/Arts Committee shall be responsible for communicating with the athletic director and planning and implementing activities to support these programs.

  1. The EWSPA shall be funded by dues.
  2. The EWSPA Board shall set a budget in September for the upcoming school year.
  3. There shall be one treasurer for the EWSPA and that person shall be a member of the EWSPA Board and Executive Committee.
  4. Budget availability for total event expenditures must be cleared with treasurer prior to expenses being incurred. All expenses must be itemized on EWS reimbursement forms (available on the EWS website) and submit to the treasurer in one of the methods outlined in the reimbursement form. The treasurer should be advised when a reimbursement form has been left for processing. The treasurer will process all forms within one week of being properly notified.
  5. The EWSPA Board may raise additional funds for a specific event or cause.
  6. Any money remaining in the Parents Association account for the graduating class shall be allocated to the senior parent gift.

[Proposed amendments as of 8/3/19]

Meeting Minutes

September 2019

May 2019
April 2019
December 2018
September 2018

March 2018- Did Not Meet
February 2018- Did Not Meet
January 2018- Did Not Meet
December 2017
November 2017
October 2017
September 2017

March 2017
February 2017
October 2016
September 2016

EWSPA assists with:

All School Activities

  • Dogswood Day
  • Holiday Events Receptions
  • Year-end class parties
  • Book club, Parent Forums, Coffees, Enriching Activities
  • Random Acts of Kindness

Middle School

  • Middle School Fun Night
  • Mid-winter Activity Night

Upper School

  • Valentine’s Day treats
  • Class retreats
  • Class sleepovers
  • Community Service
  • Sweatshirts and t-shirts
  • Providing a bus to prom
  • Seed money for class fundraisers
  • Senior skip day