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Meet Our Horses

Blue MondayBlue Monday "Blue"

Blue is a 16.1 hand warmblood gelding. He is a true gentleman and master in his trade.  Blue shines in all disciplines and has an incredible show record.

BondDouble O Seven "Bond"

Bond is a 15.3 hand black thoroughbred/quarter horse gelding. He is an amazing horse for riders just starting out. He loves trail rides and is a star in our annual Holiday Ride.


Outstanding Rhythm "Boy"

Boy is a 16.1 hand bay thoroughbred gelding. Boy is super brave and will jump anything, which is what makes him such a great eventing horse. He loves to go out on our cross country field.



Cartoon is a 16 hand bay warmblood gelding. He is ideal for developing equitation riders. This versatile fellow is loved by many of our riders.



Cassio is a 17.1 hand warmblood gelding. He is very broke on the flat and teaches his riders to be strong. He is quirky but also very sweet.  



Cosmo is a 16.1 hand grey warmblood gelding. He is a wonderful beginner horse, has great lead changes and is a perfect cross-rail horse.



Dallas in a 16.2 hand warmblood gelding. His huge stride and brave nature make him a student favorite. Dallas has an impressive record from the hunter ring, but is useful to students of all levels and interests.


High Honors "Elliot"

Elliott is a 16 hand Hanoverian gelding. He is a favorite draw at our IEA shows and often a top pick for rated shows. Elliott has a sweet disposition, big, lofty jump and huge stride, making him a favorite of many students.


Cup O' Joe "Joe"

Joe is an aged thoroughbred cross standing at 16.1 hands. He is a pro at doing his job. Joe is an easy and fun horse to ride.



Kessandra is a 2004 Arabian standing at 14.3 hands. She did dressage before she came to Walker's and since then has learned how to jump. She is a great ride for beginners.


Trans-Atlantic Alpen-Koenig "Koenig"

Koenig is a 16.1 hand Brandenburg gelding with a lot of miles in the jumper ring.  He was donated by a loving alumna who was happy to share him with us. He loves to jump and is very broke on the flat.


Runicco "Kroon"

Kroon is an 17.2 hand Dutch warmblood gelding. He has won Best Horse at our IEA shows countless times because of his steady way of going, happy expression, and perfect lead changes. Kroon is a great horse for anyone learning to jump. 


Solana "Lana"

Lana is a 16.3 hand Holsteiner mare. Her jumper and equitation background make her a wonderful horse for our more advanced riders to practice on. 



Luscious is a 17 hand warmblood gelding. He has been in our program for many years, teaching students at all levels how to ride.



Manny is a 13.2 hand grey Welsh pony gelding. He's a super little mover and a cute jumper! He's great for anyone who is learning to ride.


Incredible "Shorty"

Shorty is a 16 hand Quarter Horse gelding.  He is brave and has a really cute jump. He loves all the attention he gets from the girls and is super sweet in the barn.


Midsummer Night's Dream "Summer"

Summer is a 15.2 hand bay mare. She is very sweet and loves lots of attention! She's the perfect teacher for anyone who is learning how to ride.


Douglas Fir "Wally"

Wally is 16 hand Thuringer gelding.  He is super comfortable to flat and always has a great expression.  Although his show record is quite impressive, but now he specializes in teaching flat lessons.