Show Schedule

Walker’s riders have a long tradition of ribboning at competitive events including Wellington, Ocala, Medal and Maclay Finals, USEF Finals, CHJA Finals, NEEC Finals, Vermont, Saugerties, and Saratoga. Members of Walker’s riding team have the opportunity to compete at both the local and national level as well as in the IEA.

See below for the shows our riders will be attending this season:

Fall 2018 Horse Show Schedule


  • September 8: Avon Valley Horse Show (Avon, CT)
  • September 16: Folly Farm Horse Show (Simsbury, CT)
  • September 15-16: Old Salem Farm Fall Classic (North Salem, NY)
  • September 20-22: Maclay Regionals (North Salem, NY)
  • September 26-30: American Gold Cup (North Salem, NY)
  • September 30: The Ethel Walker School IEA Show (Simsbury, CT)


  • October 3: The Ethel Walker School Horse Show (Simsbury, CT)
  • October 11-14: PA National Horse Show (Harrisburg, PA)
  • October 13: Folly Farm Horse Show (Simsbury, CT)
  • October 17-21: NEHC Finals (West Springfield, MA)


  • October 27-November 4: National Horse Show (Lexington, KY)
  • November 3: The Ethel Walker School IEA Show (Simsbury, CT)
  • November 14: The Ethel Walker School Horse Show (Simsbury, CT) View Prize List
  • November 25: Folly Farm Horse Show (Simsbury, CT)


  • December 1: Old Salem Farm (North Salem, NY)
  • December 1-2 and December 8-9: The Pines Farm (Glastonbury, CT)

Winter/Spring 2019 Horse Show Schedule


  • January-March 31: Winter Equestrian Festival (Wellington, FL)


  • Local weekend shows and IEA


  • May 7-12: Old Salem Farm Week 1 (North Salem, NY)
  • May 14-19: Old Salem Farm Week 2 (North Salem, NY)
  • May 23-25: Devon Junior Weekend (Devon, PA)


  • June 3-9: Upperville Colt and Horse Show (Upperville, VA)
  • June 12-16: Loudoun Benefit (Upperville, VA)

Dates are subject to change.