The Ethel Walker School outdoor ring

Outdoor Show Ring Renovation Project

It's an exciting and opportune time for The Ethel Walker School Equestrian Program. With renowned Director of Riding Linda Langmeier and Head Trainer Jo Seaver '99, Walker's has made many recent changes and improvements to strengthen and enhance the Equestrian Program. A priority is to renovate the Outdoor Show Ring to a contemporary, high quality competitive standard. This improvement includes an irrigation system, premium footing, new fencing and a set of show-class jumps that are attractive, durable and versatile for all jumping disciplines. This upgrade to the outdoor ring will greatly benefit all aspects of the riding program including improved safety for our girls and horses, an enhanced show preparation environment, increased capacity and versatility for lessons, and improved effectiveness for maintenance. This newly-renovated outdoor ring will certainly complement our existing, beautiful facilities, including our new paddocks, and be an aesthetic draw for our current and future riders, while also providing an opportunity for Walker's to once again host on-site outdoor riding competitions.


Architect Rendering

Show Ring Rendering

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Named Giving Opportunities - Support Our Girls and Equestrian Program

We can't do this without your support! Please join us in making this project successful.

Total Project Goal: $375,000
Timeline Goal: December 1, 2019

Named Giving Opportunities Gift Level Available Committed
Show Ring $100,000 1  
Show Ring Endowment $50,000 2  
Automatic Irrigation System $40,000 1  
Show Jumps $10,000 10 4
Footing Families and Friends $5,000 25 3

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