Dorms & Social Spaces

Three student dorms are the cornerstones to Walker’s residential community.

Do homework in a comfy chair, cozy up next to the fireplace on a cold night, or make a meal in the dorm kitchen… in the dorms you will thrive in a home-like environment while learning about responsibility and independence.

In between classes, boarding and day students hang out in multiple places on campus: the library, the social center, student locker rooms, dorm common rooms, or out on the quad in warmer weather.



How will I get my roommate? Can I pick my roommate?

For new students, we will carefully match you with a roommate or roommates that match up with your sleep patterns, study habits and interests, via a roommate questionnaire. Returning students are allowed to choose their roommates before the end of the year.

How many other girls are in a dorm?

It depends on the dorm. Dorms range in size from 30 to 60 girls.

Are the dorm rooms furnished? What amenities do the dorms have?

Each student is provided with a desk, dresser, and a bed. Bathrooms are ensuite and are shared by two rooms. In Cluett dormitory, there are hallway baths that are shared by the wing. Each building has a common room and a kitchen.

What will I need to bring to campus?

Anything that makes your room feel like home! We encourage students to bring their pillows, blankets, comforters, towels, shower caddy, desk lamp, fan, alarm clock, laundry bag, flashlight, and lock box to store any valuables. Students should also bring learning materials, such as their iPad. Refrigerators, televisions, and cooking equipment (toasters, hot pots, etc.) are not allowed in the dorms.

Can my friends spend the night?

Walker's students are allowed to sleep in other rooms as long as your roommate agrees. Non-Walker's students are not allowed to sleep on campus.

Do the dorms have wifi?

Yes! All of our dorms have wifi. There also is wifi throughout all of our campus buildings including at the barn and sports pavilion.

What are Proctors?

Proctors are student leaders in the dorms who can help you navigate all aspects of student life. Proctors will help you navigate your schedule, suggest solutions to issues, and help you and your roommate with anything that may come up. Along with dorm faculty, proctors will celebrate your birthday and celebrate with you on your many accomplishments.