Dress Code

Walker’s dress code has evolved over many decades to represent the styles of the times, while maintaining school traditions. A defined dress code allows us to guide girls to make clothing choices while ensuring their confidence and creating a environment that looks professional and is conducive to learning.

Students must be in dress code in Academic Buildings from:

  • 7:30 a.m.-3:25 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and
  • 7:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. on Wednesday
    Show your school spirit on Walker’s Wednesdays! 
Dress Code

During the year there are dress down and spirit days when the dress code is not in effect. 

All clothing should be neat, clean, and in good repair; no bare midriffs or cutouts. Head coverings for cultural or religious purposes are allowed.

A student who is out of dress code will be expected to find an appropriate change of clothes to change into for the duration of the academic day. The student will then receive a dress code violation. Three such violations will result in a Friday evening detention. 

Academic Day

Collared Shirt

  • Polo, oxford, turtleneck or quarter zip styles
  • Solid color, plaid, striped or polka dot (no other patterns or symbols) in short or long sleeve with logos no larger than a quarter
  • A collared shirt is not required underneath a quarter zip, unless the quarter zip is removed
  • No tunic or midriff length shirts

Outer Layer

If a student chooses a layer over a collared shirt, one of the following must be selected. Choose from approved items from Lands’ End, Under Armor, BSN or Diddle’s Depot. 

  • All items must have the Walker’s seal or Walker’s athletic logo (W plus Walker’s beneath); see right. Returning students may wear Walker’s-branded items that they already own.
  • Quarter zip outer layer in fleece or mesh, fleece full zip, insulated vest, nylon quarter and full-zip
  • Sweaters (v-neck, crew, and cardigan) or blazer


  • Any solid colored tailored pant or riding pant
  • No jeans or leggings; must be in good repair, not faded or ripped


  • Assorted styles by Lands’ End. (Returning families: Corey and Tommy Hilfiger skirts are approved in the colors below.)
  • Colors: navy, khaki, grey, and black
  • Solid colored leggings and riding pants may be worn under skirts


  • Any tailored short
  • Fingertip length
  • Solid color, no jean or athletic shorts; must be in good repair, not faded or ripped
  • Shorts can be worn until November 1 and after Spring Break


  • Any closed toe footwear in good repair (no slippers, including those with soles)
  • Flip flops or sandals may be worn until November 1 and after Spring break


  • Can be solid or patterned (appropriate words/symbols)
  • Peds or bare feet in shoes is acceptable
  • Solid ankle length leggings (no cutouts or mesh)
  • Leggings cannot be worn as pants

No outerwear or blankets may be worn in academic or dining settings, including in Beaver Brook lobby.

  • The coat closet and hooks in Beaver Brook lobby are available for boarding students to store coats during the academic day.
  • Day students may use lockers and locker room coat racks for coat storage during the academic day.

  • Once approved, seniors are permitted to wear their approved class item/apparel anytime, including to vespers
  • College sweatshirts announcing the school you will attend may be worn every Friday after May 1

Families can purchase dress code items through Lands’ End School (school number 900189507) or Tommy Hilfiger (search The Ethel Walker School).

Dress Code Academic Day

Walker’s Wednesday

  • Students must wear Walker’s wear on top including dress code tops (short or long sleeve) or Walker’s gear (including team shirts, the School seal, Walker’s, W or W/Walker’s marks)
  • Approved bottoms include leggings (no shear panels or cutouts), sweatpants, athletic shorts (fingertip length or longer) and jeans (in good repair)
  • No slippers or headwear (unless required for cultural or religious)

Shop Walker’s Wear:

Shop BSN

Walker's Wednesday

Vespers Dress

  • Approved skirt style is a box-pleated skirt from Lands’ End. Returning students can use their gray Corey or Tommy Hilfiger skirt.
  • No leggings or riding pants under the skirt for vespers dress

  • Polo or oxford style with the Walker’s seal
  • Short sleeve or long sleeve styles available

  • Any shoes in good repair (no athletic sneakers, slippers or moccasins)
  • Flip flops or sandals may be worn until November 1 and after Spring break

In gray, black, navy, ivory or sheer

If a student chooses an outer layer for vespers dress, choose one (or both) of the following:

  • Sweater: Lands’ End in coal heather with the Walker’s seal in your choice of style and weight
  • Blazer: Lands’ End navy with the Walker’s seal

Families can purchase Vespers dress items through Lands’ End School (school number 900189507) or Tommy Hilfiger (search The Ethel Walker School).

Vespers Dress

Special Event Dress

For special dinners and other required events, students are often expected to wear “special event dress” which consists of dress pants, fingertip length skirts or dresses with dress shoes (no athletic sneakers) in good repair.

Special Event Dress

Dress Down Days

Dress down days occur on the first Friday of every month (as designated by the DOS). All clothing should be neat, clean, and in good repair. No sleepwear, bare midriffs or cutouts are allowed. Sweatpants, leggings, and jeans are permitted.

Dress Down Day