2020 Fall Athletic Awards Announced

Each team took this unique season with a different approach. While much was affected, including a traditional competitive schedule, the team spirit and enthusiasm sustained by the athletes and coaches were unscathed. All teams had season celebrations, including distribution of traditional certificates, and letters, and the following teams celebrated with individual awards: 

Varsity Volleyball

Coaches’ Award – Jordan Hedges ’23
Coaches’ Award – Annalisse Santana ’23
Coaches’ Award – Anastasia Reid ’21
Coaches’ Award – Olivia Steber ’21

Cross Country

Most Valuable – Madi Knapp ’21
Most Valuable – Erin Corbett ’21
Coaches’ Award – Claire Furia ’27

Varsity Field Hockey

Leadership Award “Responsibility”  – Kat Mason ’21
Leadership Award “Empathy & Mentoring” – Claire Shemo ’21
Leadership Award “Humility and Listener” – McKenzie Connors ’21

Congratulations to all fall team athletes!