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Academic Overview

Academics to inform
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At Walker’s, learning is a vigorous journey during which students and educators challenge one another to grow intellectually.

Students learn to identify real-world challenges and create solutions while developing the skills that are essential for college, career and citizenship. Learners take intellectual risks through which persistence and resilience help them improve and grow. Ultimately, wisdom is gained through experience, mastery, and reflection.

We recognize that learning is greatly impacted by social interaction. Central to teaching and learning at Walker’s is the development of deep and lasting relationships within our community. These connections, formed within a culture of respect and trust, enable individual growth and enhance our girls’ understanding of their potential to affect those around them.   

At Walker’s, we believe that demonstrated skills are the best measure of learning. These essential skills include: literacy, critical thinking, global perspective, initiative, leadership, collaboration, communication, and creativity.

Our Philosophy of Learning


Knowledge will always be important, but what you do with that knowledge is even more important. Walker’s high academic standards stretch students to the place where they are motivated to direct their own learning. Our faculty guide students as they develop essential skills to meet challenges and opportunities today — and in the future — in whatever areas of interest they choose to pursue.


At The Ethel Walker Middle School, we place girls at the center of our educational design process. Girls thrive in our classrooms because they are afforded a sense of agency and a platform where they develop their voices and learn how to use them effectively to have a say in their own education. Math, science, history, English, creative arts, and world languages (Latin, Spanish, or French) are the core of the Walker’s Middle School curriculum.

Middle School Academics


Signature Courses

Honors Research Seminar lab
Honors Research Seminar

Walker’s is among only five high schools in the United States invited to participate in the Tiny Earth Network (TEN), an innovative program formulated at Yale University that encourages students to pursue careers in science through hands-on and real-world experience.

Visiting Writer Naomi Shihab Nye
Visiting Writer Seminar

In Walker’s Visiting Writer Seminar, students have the special opportunity to immerse themselves in a study of one writer’s works. The course culminates with a visit by that person to the school for a series of master classes and a public reading to our community.

Inequality in the U.S.
Inequality in the U.S.

Inequality in the United States introduces students to systems of social inequality in the United States. Students investigate the structural, interpersonal and social dimensions of oppression.

Tropical Ecology lab
Tropical Ecology

Students in the Tropical Ecology class at Walker’s learn about the unique and fragile ecosystems of the tropics, paying close attention to the incredible biodiversity, current events, and conservation efforts.

Advanced Multivariable Calculus class
Advanced Multivariable Calculus

Advanced Multivariable Calculus covers topics that are not currently included in a traditional high school calculus course but may be included in a college-level calculus course.

Latin class
Holding Out for a Hero

In this yearlong course, students explore Roman ideas of loyalty, loss and leadership through Virgil’s text. Through a study of meter, word order, poetic device and vocabulary, the course grapples with the themes of love and death, war and refugees, family and fate.

Academic Advising

AdvisingWalker’s advisory program recognizes that a strong faculty-student relationship is an essential component of growth and development for every student. Through academic and social conversations throughout their time at Walker’s, advisors become transformative adults in the lives of our students.

Each Walker’s student in our Upper and Middle School is placed in a small advisory group composed of peers in grades 9–12 or in grades 6–8. Led by a Walker’s faculty member or administrator, these groups are units in which a student receives academic advice, learns about other cultures and forms lifelong friendships.

Advisors work with each of their advisees to form an academic plan and to sign up for courses. Serving as liaisons between students, families and faculty members, advisors communicate frequently with families to provide updates on academic and social progress. When necessary, advisors take the lead on setting up academic support for advisees, whether in the form of extra help, peer tutoring or professional tutors. Advisors also often serve as social support, ensuring that each advisee feels cared for and comfortable in classes, residence halls or on teams.

Through the advisory program, Walker’s recognizes that each student is an individual with their own goals and possibilities. While encouraging self-advocacy, advisors support students in the achievement of these goals.

Middle School Advisory