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Clubs & Organizations

Discover shared hobbies and passions.

Discover your shared hobbies and passions with others, and create a club of your own!

The Ethel Walker School has a large number of student-organized clubs. Students who have particular areas of interest create different clubs; they find a faculty member interested in advising them and they set up regular meetings and activities. Clubs must be approved by the Dean of Students. Upper School clubs typically meet during lunch in Abra’s or in the Common Room. The club schedule is published on the Student Life calendar. At times, club meetings may be held in the evening. Middle School clubs are held during the academic day like a regularly-scheduled class meeting.

Clubs & Organizations

This list includes some — but not all — of the current clubs offered. New offerings may be added every school year.

Academic Clubs

  • Classics Club
  • Daemon Club (Art & Literary Magazine)
  • Debate Club
  • French Club
  • Justice League
  • Poetry Club
  • Science Club
  • Sustainability Club
  • Writing Fellows

affinity groups

  • Asian Student Collective
  • Black Student Union (BSU)
  • Latinx American Student Organization (LASO)
  • Caribbean Club
  • Jewish Student Union
  • Student White Anti-Racist Group

Performing Clubs

  • Acting Out 
  • Dance Club
  • National Arts Society
  • Photography Club
Asian Club
BSU Chapel