Dogswood Day


Hooray Sunray:
Walker’s Traditions

Will you be a Sun or a Dial? It’s a common question that all new members of the Walker’s community hear.

Treasured traditions handed down from generation to generation are a cornerstone of Walker’s history and the student experience… many originating with Ethel Walker herself! Annual celebrations of Walker’s traditions bring the community together seamlessly blending “new girls” into community life. Participating in these traditions deepens the meaning of being here, creates lifelong relationships with alumnae and builds a connection to the school.

Learn more about some of Walker’s traditions below:

Dogswood Day Middle School
Mountain Day
Holiday Ride
Drop Everything And Read
Family Weekend
Grandparents' and Friends' Day
Dogswood Day

Each spring, Dogswood Day festivities kick off with a procession by the seniors and a Maypole dance followed by field day competitions between the Suns and the Dials. The community raises the winning team’s spirit flag, which will fly proudly until the next spring.

Mountain Day

Each fall, the entire school celebrates the start of the new school year by hiking together to the summit of Talcott Mountain followed by a picnic lunch on the Centennial Lawn.


Ba-Na-Na is — simply — a dance party! Typically held during Opening Days and Reunion, the Ba-Na-Na is a chance to dress in spirit colors, dance, and have fun with friends.

Holiday Ride

Following holiday vespers and banquet, students, their families and alumnae gather at the barn for hot chocolate to watch equestrians illuminate the evening while enjoying seasonal music by our a capella group, the Grapes.

Drop Everything And Read

Drop Everything And Read (D.E.A.R.) Milk Lunch is an opportunity to take a break from our lives and read for pleasure. Each week, students and advisors gather for an hour and read together while enjoying milk and a sweet treat.

Family Weekend

Each autumn, families are invited to campus to attend classes with their student, meet teachers, cheer for athletic teams, and spend time getting to know other Walker’s families.

Grandparents’ and Friends’ Day

During the spring, grandparents and other special guests are invited to campus to enjoy a day with their Walker’s student, attending classes, exploring campus, and enjoying breakfast, lunch, and co-curriculars.

Walker’s Words

Our dining hall where all meals are served. Some special events are held here as well.

A weekend activity that provides transportation to local shopping centers, restaurants, and movie theaters.

“BB” for short, Beaver Brook houses most academic classes and is the main building on campus.

This is the main theater on campus. Musicals, plays, concerts, and dance performances take place here.

A website that all students use. It provides important information such as classes, assignments, and the directory.

Our boarding school management system that tracks students, manages leave and attendances, sign-in/outs, and more. The system integrates with Veracross to provide instant access to student locations.

The way we talk about how each girl can reach her full potential, all she can be and do, when cultural, economic, and gender barriers and mindsets are removed.

Our Chapel is non-denominational and is where the entire school gathers for Morning Meeting, Wednesday assemblies, and other special events.

A dorm that typically houses 11th and 12th graders.

Located in the Cluett Dorm, it is a place to hang out and relax.

The school store where you can buy snacks, clothes, and school supplies.

Dogswood Day is a culmination of a year of Suns and Dials activity. The Head of School announces Dogswood Day the evening before; students are given the day off from classes and participate in competitive games, ending with the Suns and Dials tug of war.

This stands for “Dean of Students.”

Short for Ferguson Theatre, this is the main theater on campus. The winter play, guest speakers, and some classes use this space.

This is our smaller theater on campus. The winter play, guest speakers, and some classes use this space.

Morning Meeting typically takes places on Monday and Friday mornings. It is a time for all members of the community to share announcements. We sit by advisor group.

Each fall, the Head of School surprises students with the announcement that Mountain Day will occur the following day. Students and faculty climb a challenging trail up nearby Talcott Mountain to the top, for a view that stretches hundreds of miles.

The newest dorm on campus typically houses 9th and 10th graders. Some special events are held here as well.

Another website that students use. Various classes use the site to post assignments and turn in work.

A dorm that typically houses 9th and 10th graders.

Pronounced “soe-sh,” it is an area in the Centennial Center to hang out with friends and have fun.

These are our spirit groups. There are small contests throughout the year, ending with the biggest competition, Dogswood Day.

Small buses that transport students to sports games, weekend activities, and area drive.

The nicknames used for our Head of School, Dr. Meera Viswanathan and her husband, Dr. Eric Widmer. Read more about Ms. Vis here.