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Riding and academic excellence for more than 100 years

Our exceptional equestrian program sets Walker’s apart from its private school peers.

Riding has been part of life at Walker’s since its founding in 1911.

Walker’s is one of only a small number of boarding high schools that offers an equestrian sport on campus. Many of Walker’s most supportive alumnae have been riders at the School and a number continue to compete at the highest levels regionally and nationally. Our Equestrian Center is located on campus, so you are just steps away from the Frank O.H. Williams Barn and your equestrian activities. Our Riding program is staffed by accomplished horsewomen who have decades of competition and training experience. We’ll support and challenge you so you can succeed competitively and academically.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Walker’s Equestrian Center is among the best of any school in the country and provides a strong foundation to maintain a best-in-class riding program. The Equestrian Center is on Walker’s 427-acre campus, providing ready access to the barn and horses, as well as winding trails and extensive turnouts.

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Madison Olvert ’21 Places Second in National Horse Show

Madison Olvert ’21 Places Second in The 2020 Hamel Foundation National Horse Show 3’3” Equitation Championship Madison “Maddie” Olvert ’21 had an impressive finish as Reserve Champion this past weekend…

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Riding Results

Please note that due to developments related to COVID-19, the athletic events listed may not occur. Further information will be shared as it becomes available. Thank you.

Recent Show Results

Regionals (Zone 1 & 2)

Regionals (Zone 4)

HITS Championships

KHJA Horse Show

Fieldstone Summer Showcase II

CHJA Finals

Bluegrass Festival Horse Show


Vermont Summer Festival



Vermont Summer Festival

Lake Placid Horse Show

Quinn Bailey ’21 – 8th, 10th Adult Jumpers
Skyla White ’23 – 12th Children’s Jumpers
Chloe Fares ’24 – 5th, 5th Low Children’s Jumpers, 1st THIS Children’s Medal
Vivian Lorusso ’22 – 6th, 7th Low Children’s Jumpers
Grace Sappington ’24 – 7th, 9th Low Children’s Jumpers, 5th, 6th 14&under Eq
Chloe Lewis ’22 – 11th Low Children’s Jumpers
Sofia Baron ’22 – 1st, 6th Children’s Hunters 15-17 OF
Janet Hedges ’21 – 6th WIHS Jumper Phase, 3rd WIHS Overall, 4th Dover Hunt Seat Medal
Quinn VanCara ’23 – 8th NHS Medal

Show Summary
Lake Placid Horse Show

Sofia Baron ’22 – 6th Children’s Hunters
Skyla White ’23 – 3rd, 4th Children’s Jumpers, 7th 15-17 Equitation
Chloe Fares ’24 – 8th, 11th Low Childen’s Jumpers, 2nd, 3rd 14 & under Eq, 2nd THIS Children’s Medal
Janet Hedges ’21 – 8th WIHS Hunter Phase, 7th Overall

Show Summary
Saratoga Classic I

Sofia Baron ’22 – 4th in 15-17 Equitation O/F, 4th in competitive Dover Hunt seat Medal Class
Chloe Fares ’24 – 6th in WIHS Hunter Phase
Yujean Kim ’26 – Top placings in Limit Equitation and 12-14 Equitation
Addie Kiggen ’23 – 2nd Limit Equitation O/F, 1st Limit Equitation Flat, 3rd Mini Maclay
Ava Strohmeyer ’21 – 3rd and 4th  in Low Junior Jumpers, Great rounds in Medium Junior Jumpers
Vivi Lorusso ’22 – Double Clear in .80 and .90 Training Jumpers
Quinn Van Cara ’23 – 1st Limit Equitation O/F, 1st Mini Medal
Anngelina Morton ’25 – 1st and 3rd Place finishes in Low Children’s Jumper
Chloe Lewis ’22 – Top Placings in Limit Equitation, Double Clear in .80 and .90 Training Jumpers
Grace Sappington ’24 – 4th and 8th in Low Children’s Jumpers

Show Summary
Split Rock Jumping Tour

Janet Hedges ’21 – 1st USHJA Jumping Seat Medal, 1st NCEA Medal
Skyla White ’23 – 2nd in very competitive Children’s Jumper class
Julia Slade ’24 – 4th in THIS Medal

Show Summary
5/A Baker Charity Horse Show

Anngelina Morton ’24 – 1st in THIS Medal, Reserve Champion in Junior Eq
Grace Sappington ’24 – 2nd in THIS Medal, Qualified for NEEC Finals

Show Summary
Devon Junior Weekend

Skidmore College Saratoga Spring II

Skidmore College Saratoga Spring I

Tryon Spring II

The Ethel Walker School Horse Show

Tryon Spring I

The Ethel Walker School Horse Show


Quinn Bailey ’21 – 8th Low Adult Classic 18-35
Chaya Friedman ’25 – 3rd Low Children’s Jumper 2d class
Chloe  Fares ’24 – Reserve Champion 12-14 Equitation, 6th THIS Medal, 7th NHS Hamel Medal
Grace Sappington ’24 – 4th & 7th 12-14 Equitation
Chloe Lewis ’22 – 5th Children’s Hunter Older
Janet Hedges ’21- Did some schooling classes with a new horse
Madison Olvert ’21 – Champion Adult Equitation, 7th Palm Beach Adult Medal, 8th NHS/THIS Adult Medal
Ava Strohmeyer ’21 – Low Junior Jumpers with Feeling and new mount, Bellissima Z
Vivi Lorusso ’22 – Low Children’s Jumpers

Show Summary

Quinn Bailey ’21 – 6th & 7th Low Adult Jumpers
Chloe Fares ’24 – 6th & 7th 12-14 Equitation
Chaya Friedman ’25 – 5th .90 Low Ch/Adult Jumper
Chloe Lewis ’22 – 1st & 7th Older Children’s Hunters
Janet Hedges ’21 – 2nd, 4th, 7th, & 8th Large Junior Hunters 16-17
Madison Olvert ’21 – 1st, 3rd, 5th Adult Equitation, 5th Palm Beach Adult Medal, 8th Ariat Adult Medal

Show Summary
Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) Premiere

Chaya Friedman ’25 – 5th Low Children’s Classic
Chloe Lewis ’22 – Class winner Older Children’s Hunters, 5th Low Child/Adult Training Jumper 
Anngelina Morton ’25 – 6th Low Child/Adult Training Jumpers
Chloe Fares ’24 – Competed in the USEF Dover Medal & ASPCA Maclay for the first time, 3rd place in the THIS Medal, 2nd & 4th Over Fences 12-14 Equitation 
Grace Sappington ’24 – 4th Place 12-14 Equitation on the flat, 8th over fences
Quinn Bailey ’21 – 6th THIS Adult Medal
Maddie Olvert ’21 – Champion Adult Amateur Equitation, 4th Palm Beach Adult Medal

Show Summary
2020 ESP Holiday Finale

Ava Strohmeyer ’21 – 7th USEF Dover Saddlery Medal
Grace Sappington ’24 – 6th THIS Children’s Medal, 4th Low Children’s Jumper
Anngelina Morton ’25 – 6th Puddle Jumpers
Chloe Fares ’24 – Champion 12-14 Equitation, 8th NHS Hamel Foundation Medal
Quinn Van Cara ’23 – 7th Puddle Jumpers
Quinn Bailey ’21 – 5th Ariat Adult Medal, 5th Training Jumpers
Maddie Mohler ’22 – 4th Hopeful Jumpers
Eva Mazzola ’21 – Reserve Champion Junior Hunter 16-17 with VDL White Chocolate, 5th Low Children’s Jumper Classic

Show Summary
2020 ESP New Years Show

Eva Mazzola ’21 – Junior Hunter ribbons with both Xzplendor and VDL White Chocolate
Ava Strohmeyer ’21 – 3rd USEF Talent Search 2* and 8th Low Junior Jumper Classic
Vivi Lorusso ’22 – 9th Low Children’s Jumper Classic
Jordan Hedges ’23 – Ribbons in the Children’s Hunters
Janet Hedges ’21 – 8th USHJA Jumping Seat Medal

Show Summary
ESP Holiday III

Ava Strohmeyer ’21 – 4th Overall for WIHS Equitation, 2nd USEF Talent Search 2*
Eva Mazzola ’21 – Junior/Amateur Classic winner and Reserve Champion Junior Hunters with Xzplendor, 5th Junior/Amateur Classic with VDL White Chocolate
Vivi Lorusso ’22 – 3rd Place Low Children’s/Adult Jumper Classic, class winner – Training Jumpers
Jordan Hedges ’23 – top ribbons 15-17 Equitation and Children’s Hunters
Janet Hedges ’21 – 2nd USHJA Jumping Seat Medal, 5th Overall WIHS Equitation
Sofia Baron ’22 – Top ribbons 15-17 Equitation and Children’s Hunters

Show Summary
ESP Holiday II

Janet Hedges ’21 – 3rd Junior/Amateur Hunter Classic, multiple ribbons Junior Hunter 3’6” 16-17A
Ava Strohmeyer ’21- 6th Low Junior Jumpers, 8th USEF Medal, 4th USEF Talent Search 2*
Vivi Lorusso ’22 – 2nd Hopeful Jumpers and 4th .85 Jumper Classic
Sofia Baron ’22 – class winner Children’s Hunters & other top placings

Show Summary
ESP Year End Awards Horse Show

Sofia Baron ’22 – Ribbons in 15-17 Equitation and the THIS Children’s Medal
Jordan Hedges ’23 – Ribbons in 15-17 Equitation and the THIS Children’s Medal
Vivi Lorusso ’22 – 1st and 4th in the Puddle Jumpers with Aucklan Girl

Show Summary
ESP Holiday and Horses Horse Show

Janet Hedges ’21 – Maclay winner, 4th in USEF Medal, 3rd Overall in the WIHS with Felix BC and Reserve Champion in the Junior Hunters with Casillas CH
Ava Strohmeyer ’21 – Class winner and Reserve Champion in Low Junior/Amateur Owner Jumpers with Feeling, 3rd in the USEF Talent Search with Bartani S, 3rd in the Children’s Jumper Speed with Triomphe
Jordan Hedges ’23 – Reserve Champion in 14 & Under Equitation, class winner in the Children’s Hunters
Chloe Fares ’24 – Ribbons in USHJA Jumping Seat Medal and in the 14 & Under Equitation with Cento Forever

Show Summary
SFHJA 70th Annual Charity Horse Show

Janet Hedges ’21 – With Felix BC, Maclay winner, 6th overall in the WIHS, 7th in the USHJA National Hunter Derby with Casillas CH
Ava Strohmeyer ’21 – Class winner and division Champion in the Junior Jumpers with Feeling, 4th in the USET Talent Search, 3rd Overall in the WIHS with Bartani S, 4th in the Children’s Jumper Classic with Triomphe
Chloe Fares ’24 – Ribbons in the 12-14 Equitation, the USHJA Jumping Seat Medal and the NHS Hamel Foundation Medal

Show Summary
The Ethel Walker School USEF Show

.90m Champion: Quinn Bailey ’21
.90m Reserve Champion: Chaya Friedman ’25
.80m Champion: Chaya Friedman ’25
.80m Reserve Champion: Amy Xia ’21
Walk/Trot Equitation Champion: Nora Day ’27
Walk/Trot Equitation Reserve Champion: Mae McCall-Sorkin ’25
WTC Equitation Champion: Ruby Dawson ’25
WTC Equitation Reserve Champion: Shea Braceland ’24
Pre-Children’s Equitation Champion: Alara Murphy ’26
CHJA Junior Medal:
1st- Yujean Kim ’26
2nd- Emma Edelman ’26
3rd- Anngelina Morton ’25
EMO Insurance/USHJA Jumper Seat Medal:
1st- Quinn Van Cara ’23
2nd- Chloe Fares ’24
3rd- Anngelina Morton ’25
NEHC Junior Medal:
1st- Quinn Van Cara ’23
2nd- Eliza Watson ’22
3rd- Chloe Fares ’24
NHS Hamel Foundation Medal:
1st- Quinn Van Cara ’23
2nd- Anngelina Morton ’25
3rd- Chloe Fares ’24
THIS Children’s Medal:
1st- Anngelina Morton ’25
2nd- Chloe Fares ’24
3rd- Eliza Watson ’22
USHJA Hunter Seat Medal 3’3:
1st- Grace Sappington ’24
2nd- Quinn Van Cara ’23
3rd- Yujean Kim ’26

Show Summary
IEA Horse Show

Upper School Team:
Quinn Bailey ’21 placed 2nd in Varsity Open O/F; Eva Mazzola ’21 placed 1st and 1st in Varsity Open Flat, and 1st and 2nd in Varsity Open O/F; Eliza Watson ’22 placed 1st and 2nd in Varsity Intermediate O/F and 1st and 3rd in Varsity Intermediate Flat; Quinn Van Cara ’23 placed 1st in Varsity Intermediate O/F and 6th in Varsity Intermediate Flat; Amy Xia ’21 placed 5th and 5th in Varsity Intermediate Flat and 4th and 3rd in Varsity Intermediate O/F; Jordan Hedges ’23 placed 3rd in JV Novice Flat; Holly Silva ’22 placed 2nd in JV Novice Flat; and Evelyn Dixon ’24 placed 4th, 4th JV Beginner Flat.
Middle School Team:
Yujean Kim ’26 placed 2nd in Future Intermediate O/F and 3rd in Future Intermediate Flat; Emma Edelman ’26 placed 2nd Future Novice O/F and 3rd in Future Novice Flat; Alara Murphy ’26 placed 2nd in Future Beginner Flat; and Annie Daugherty ’26 placed 4th in Future Beginner Flat.

Show Summary
Capital Challenge Horse Show

Ava Strohmeyer ’21 was class winner in 16 Year Old Equitation Over Fences and finished 10th in the Gymnastics Phase of the USHJA Jumping Seat Medal Final; Maddie Olvert ’21 was class winner in 17 Year Old Equitation on the Flat and 5th in the 17 YO Equitation Over Fences; Janet Hedges ’21 placed 8th in the 16 YO Equitation and had a top 20 overall finish in the USHJA Jumping Seat Medal Final; Skyla White ’23 placed 6th in the 13/14 YO Equitation

Show Summary
New England Equitation Championships

Chloe Fares ’24 placed 12th in the USHJA Hunt Seat Medal Final out of 154 competitors. She was also 4th in the Open Equitation 14 & Under, and finished in the top 30 out of 208 competitors in the New England Equitation Championship. Maddie Olvert ’21 placed 5th in Section B of the Open Equitation 15-17; Janet Hedges ’21 placed 4th in Section B of the Open Equitation 15-17; Ava Strohmeyer ’21 placed 9th in Section D of the Open Equitation 15-17. Also competing over the weekend were Quinn VanCara ’23, Sofia Baron ’21, Jordan Hedges ’23, Skyla White ’23, Grace Sappington ’24 and Quinn Bailey ’21.

Show Summary
Junior Hunter Finals

Janet Hedges ’21 was Reserve Champion 3’3″ in Junior Hunter 16-17 with horse Casillas CH; and Eva Mazzola ’21 was 12th overall in Small Junior Hunter 16-17 with horse VDL White Chocolate.

Show Summary

Quinn VanCara ’23 was 2nd in the NHS Hamel Foundation Medal (qualifying her for the finals), and 4th in the 12-14 Flat; Chloe Fares ’24 was 3rd in the NHS Hamel Foundation Medal (qualifying her for the finals) and 4th in the 2’9″ Hunter Derby; Grace Sappington ’24 was 8th in the 12-14 Equitation Over Fences and 7th in the 12-14 Flat; Quinn Bailey ’21 was 4th in the USHJA Jumping Seat Medal and 3rd in the 1.00 Jumpers; Lily Ridley ’22 was Champion in the .85 Meter Jumpers; and Maddie Olvert ’21 was the winner of the USHJA Jumping Seat Medal and placed 2nd in the 15-17 Equitation Over Fences.

Show Summary

Skyla White ’23 was the class winner in the USEF Talent Search and the NHS Hamel Foundation Medal.

Show Summary
Kentucky Summer Showcase

Several Walker’s equestrians had notable placings in week two of the Kentucky Summer Showcase. Individual results are as follows:

Show Summary
Kentucky Summer Showcase

Several Walker’s equestrians had notable placings in week one of the Kentucky Summer Showcase. Individual results are as follows:

Show Summary
Saratoga Horse Show Week Two

Walker’s equestrians had another great week showing at the Saratoga Horse Show! Read more for the most notable results from this past week.

Show Summary
Saratoga Horse Show Week One

Walker’s equestrians took home several ribbons in the first week of the Saratoga Horse Shows.

Show Summary
Winter Equestrian Festival Highlights

Several Walker’s equestrians traveled to Florida earlier this year to compete in the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF), one of the most prestigious equestrian events in the world.

Show Summary
HITS Ocala

Eva Mazzola ’21 placed 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th in the Small Junior Hunters with VDL White Chocolate (Ocala Tournament); and 4th and 8th in the 16-17 Equitation with Come Monday and 3rd and 6th in the Small Junior Hunters with VDL White Chocolate (Ocala Winter Finals).

Show Summary
IEA Regional Qualifiers

Both Upper School and Middle School teams have qualified for IEA Regionals, which will be hosted by Walker’s on February 23.

Show Summary
Winter Equestrian Festival 5 and 6

Walker’s equestrians have had a successful couple of weeks at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida. Ava Strohmeyer ’21 was Champion in the 15-17 Children’s Jumpers with Feeling, winning a class and finishing 5th in the Classic.

Show Summary
Gulf Coast Classic Winter Series

Skyla White ’23 placed 2nd in the Dover Saddlery Hunt Seat Medal, USHJA Jumping Seat Medal and USHJA Hunt Seat Medal (Gulf Coast Sunshine Classic Horse Show); and 1st in the Dover Saddlery Hunt Seat Medal, 2nd in the NHS Hamel Foundation Medal, 1st in the USHJA Jumping Seat Medal, and 1st in the Non-Pro Hunter Derby (Gulf Coast Mid Winter Classic).

Show Summary
Terry Allen Farms IEA Show

Both Upper and Middle School teams placed 1st.

Show Summary
National Horse Show

Ava Strohmeyer ’21 placed 2nd in the 14-15 Equitation on the flat, and 11th overall in the Hamel Foundation NHS Medal Final out of 161 riders. Julia Luciani ’20 placed 7th in the 16-17 Equitation over fences.

Show Summary
Shallowbrook Farm IEA Show

Walker’s Upper School team placed first and the Middle School team placed 3rd.

Show Summary
New England Equitation Finals

Seven Walker’s riders competed at the New England Equitation Championship this year: Janet Hedges ’21, Quinn Bailey ’21, Chloe Fares ’24, Julia Luciani ’20, Grace Sappington ’24, Maddie Olvert ’21, and Ava Strohmeyer ’21. Maddie Olvert ’21 placed 8th in the 3′ Rider for NEEC Final and 9th in the Open Equitation 15-17 Over Fences. Ava Strohmeyer ’21 placed 5th in the Open Equitation Over Fences 15-17.

Show Summary

Upcoming Shows

Capital Challenge Equitation Weekend

Upper Marlboro, MD


USET Finals

Gladstone, NJ


Capital Challenge Open Week/Junior Hunters

Upper Marlboro, MD


The Ethel Walker School Horse Show

The Ethel Walker School


PA National Show Junior Weekend

Harrisburg, PA


National Horse Show Finals

Lexington, KY


Washington International Horse Show (WIHS)

Washington, DC


National Horse Show

Lexington, KY


The Ethel Walker School Horse Show

The Ethel Walker School


A Walker’s Training Lasts a Lifetime

Our nationally-recognized trainers, Linda Langmeier, Jo Seaver ’99, and Randi Booth, have the expertise to coach riders at all levels and they work with students to attain any set of goals our students strive to achieve. They are lifelong horsewomen who share a passion for the sport and a love of teaching. Each has earned national titles for themselves or by working with students in hunter, jumper, and equitation, bringing starting riders up through the levels or advancing seasoned riders to regional and national levels. The trainers also teach our weekly Ground School where students learn how to become fully-versed in horsemanship.

The barn is staffed seven days a week and our barn manager lives on campus, ensuring the utmost care for all horses.

Riding instruction

Program Leadership

Linda Langmeier

Director of Riding and Head Trainer

Renowned trainer Linda Langmeier brings her world-class training to prepare team members for the national stage.

Jo Seaver

Senior Trainer

Award-winning trainer Joanna “Jo” Seaver '99 has trained hunters that have won ribbons at all major national competitions.

Randi Booth

Riding Instructor

Randi has been showing since she was a small child, and for the past 25 years has been a trainer of children and adults at all levels.

Kristen Blatt

Barn Manager

Kristen is a graduate of Centenary University where she competed on the IHSA team. Kristen has worked as a barn manager for over 8 years.

From Our Riders

I love the riding program. I dedicate most of my time to riding when not in class.

Janet H. ’21

Janet Hedges

Riding at Walker’s has taught me about perseverance and commitment.

Sarah Y. ’22

Terry Allen Farm IEA Fall 2019

While riding is an individual sport, we fully support each other.

Ava S. ’21

Ava Strohmeyer and Julia Luciani
Ava National Horse Show
Horse Shows
Riding Lessons
Equine Science
Horse Shows

Competitors participate in the Medal, Maclay, and USEF Finals, New England Equitation Finals, Winter Equestrian Festival, Devon Horse Show, Saratoga, and more prestigious horse shows throughout the country.

Horse Shows

Walker’s Equestrian Team travels to a variety of shows recognized by local, regional, national, and international equestrian associations.


Walker’s equestrian program offers three lesson packages that cater to the individual needs of our students.


The Ethel Walker School participates in the Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA). Walker’s hosts two IEA horse shows per year and will compete in additional IEA horse shows within our region.

Equine Science

Equine Science, taught by licensed veterinarian Dr. Suzanne Piela, encompasses the anatomy and physiology of all the systems of the horse, nutrition, toxicology, parasitology, health management, neonatology, epidemiology, and sports medicine.

Summer Riding Experience

The Ethel Walker School’s Summer Riding Experience is an extension of the School’s renowned equestrian program. Since the early 90s, Summer Riding Experience has helped girls develop into complete horsewomen while having fun! The camp consists of daily riding sessions complemented with activities that include horse care, working with farriers and veterinarians, equine science, and general equestrian knowledge.

Learn More

Summer Riding Experiencw

Meet the Staff

Linda Langmeier

Linda Langmeier

Director of Riding/Head Trainer

Linda Langmeier is an accomplished horsewoman who has been riding since she was five years old. As a Junior rider, she won the 1983 ASPCA Maclay Equitation Finals. Linda’s daughter, McKayla, also won the Maclay; the first mother-daughter team to earn this distinction. Linda was the winner of the 1988 Sugarbush Grand Prix, competed in the 1989 World Cup Finals (Tampa FL) and the 2013 Fidelity Grand Prix. Linda trained Emma Fletcher who won the 2019 Dover Saddlery/USEF Hunter Seat Medal Final Champion.

Linda earned numerous championships in the hunter and jumper divisions at competitions such as The Winter Equestrian Festival, The Devon Horse Show and Country Fair, Lake Placid Horse Shows, Vermont Summer Festival, The American Gold Cup, Pennsylvania National Horse Show, Washington International Horse Show and The National Horse Show.

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Jo Seaver

Joanna Seaver

Senior Trainer

Joanna Seaver

B.S., University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Joanna “Jo” is a 1999 graduate of Walker’s. She worked for several years at Kelianda Farm for Linda and Kenny Langmeier as an assistant trainer. In this role, she assisted with coaching students including McKayla Langmeier and Jordyn Rose Freedman through to the national level including the ASPCA Maclay Finals, Dover Saddlery/USEF Medal Finals, WIHS Equitation Finals and the USET Talent Search Finals.

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Randi Booth

Randi Booth

Assistant Director of Riding/Riding Instructor

Randi Booth


B.S., West Chester University

Randi grew up on a large horse farm and was raised by horse professionals. She has been showing since she was a small child, and for the past 25 years she has been a manager and trainer of children and adults at all levels in the hunter, jumper, equitation and eventing disciplines. She has worked and ridden for nationally known judge and trainer, Carol Malony, for hunter rider/trainer Maryann Steiert Charles, and for Olympic 3 Day Event Gold Medalist, J. Michael Plumb.

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Kristen Blatt

Kristen Blatt

Barn Manager

Kristen Blatt


B.S., Centenary University

Kristen is a 2011 graduate of Centenary University where she earned a B.S. in Equine Studies with a concentration in Equine Business Management. While at Centenary, she competed on the IHSA team. During her tenure at Centenary, the team won two National championships. Upon graduating from Centenary, Kristen worked as barn manager at Coole Park Farm in Millbrook, NY, where she had been for eight years.

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Anne Dzialo

Groom Staff

Elizabeth Hall

Groom Staff

Melissa Jarvis

Groom Staff

Courtney O'Connor

Courtney O'Connor

Assistant Trainer

Courtney O'Connor


B.S., University of Findlay (Marketing)
B.S., University of Findlay (English Equestrian Studies - Hunter/Jumper Emphasis)
M.B.A., University of Findlay

Courtney joined Walker’s upon completing her graduate degree from The University of Findlay while working with their Hunt Seat IHSA Team. She has worked in many facets of the equestrian industry and brings this expertise to the assistant trainer position at Walker’s. Along with working with The University of Findlay’s nationally-ranked IHSA Team, Courtney has been involved in IEA since high school and also has experience at the A and AA level. She has worked for US Animo where she traveled extensively to the biggest show venues in the country, working closely with top riders and trainers. Helping young people gain confidence and excel in the sport is a huge motivator for Courtney and with the value she places on education she will excel here at Walker’s.

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Michelle Sawyer P’13

Groom Staff

Erin Shea

Administrative Manager

Erin joined Walker’s with an extensive background in management, finance and banking. Her interpersonal skills have made her successful in many facets of her career. In her role as administrative manager, Erin assists the riding program with communicating with families about important riding program information and activities, as well as supporting horse show administration, onsite events and billing. Erin is excited to be working with the Riding faculty and staff in organizing and implementing new ideas to enhance the success of the Equestrian Program in the area of administration.

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