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Postgraduate Year

Get ready to take on college and beyond.

Postgraduates leave Walker’s with a greater understanding of their own passions — and with more confidence and preparedness to take on college, and beyond.

Taking an extra year among intellectually curious young women in a supportive campus environment provides a unique opportunity to grow on many levels: academically, personally, and athletically.

Walker’s admits qualified applicants who have earned a high school diploma to join our boarding and day community. The unique components of Walker’s post-graduate experience are geared to each young woman’s educational objectives for the year, including full access to college counseling services, our capabilities approach to the acquisition of life-long skills, and our athletic and co-curricular programs.


The postgraduate year is open to high school graduates. Admission applications are accepted on a rolling basis; we accept ACT or SAT standardized tests as part of the application process.


Postgraduates at Walker’s will find our academic environment challenging and supportive. The curriculum provides flexibility for postgraduates to tailor their year. Many opt to balance honors and advanced level courses to bolster their college-admissions potential with highly applicable, real-world offerings, such as public speaking, first aid, and financial literacy. Walker’s emphasizes writing and critical thinking skills — essential tools for success in college — and many postgraduates take our popular Visiting Writer Seminar.

Unique course offerings ensure that students are not just repeating classes from high school. Engaged faculty challenge Walker’s girls to think deeply and critically, and to find their voice in the classroom and in subjects where girls and women are often underrepresented.

Students in Dr. Suzanne Piela's Equine Science Class