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Dominican Republic

Global Education

Develop a global perspective.

Walker’s makes it a priority for students to develop an international perspective — both in the classroom and the world.

Whether learning about global women’s issues in the classroom, or mentoring young girls in the Dominican Republic, Walker’s offers a variety of opportunities and programs to help students develop a global perspective and prepare to make a difference in the world.

Girls engage in courses with a global lens and participate in travel abroad programs and exchanges that take them to various countries for cultural and language immersion programs, to other independent schools for exchanges, and to our community partners to engage in service projects. On campus, the community celebrates cultural traditions, participates in special programming created by clubs with an international focus and samples cuisine from different parts of the world.

Curriculum with an International Lens

Our curriculum includes a ninth grade Global History course for all students, a Sophomore Seminar with a focus on global women’s issues, Advanced Human Geography, Regional Studies courses, and immersive language study in French, Latin and Spanish.