Educating our girls to be successful digital citizens.

Our students have the tools to navigate the opportunities and challenges of a complex and rapidly changing world of technology.

At Walker’s, we have a dedicated dean of academic technology and innovation who works with faculty and students to integrate technology into Walker’s teaching and learning environment. As freshwomen, all students participate in a seminar where topics such as creating your digital footprint, digital citizenship, and differentiated learning styles at a private school are explored.


Students collaborate with peers and faculty using a core suite of web-based tools, including Google Apps for Education (GAFE). Students learn to become responsible digital citizens, and our faculty connect students to resources that best suit their learning style, pace, and potential.


Students are in the driver’s seat of their own learning with classroom technology that seamlessly allows for inquiry, collaboration, and presentation. Learning spaces are designed to be flexible, and allow for brainstorming, iteration, and hands-on learning.


Students have instant access to a wealth of learning resources online but also learn to strike a healthy balance between screen time and “unplugging.” Walker’s is a day and boarding school that values face-to-face interaction and has preserved technology-free times during the school day.


Students benefit from the most current, relevant learning experiences as a result of our faculty’s ongoing professional development activities.