Parents Association

Get involved with Walker's parent community.

The Ethel Walker School Parents Association (EWSPA) is made up of an executive board and parent volunteers like you.

Welcome to The Ethel Walker School Parent Association (EWSPA). As a parent or guardian, you, too, are a member, and we are so excited to have you along for the ride!

The EWSPA is glad to support an array of social and educational activities for our students, as well as plenty of social engagements for the Walker’s community. We work collaboratively and are committed to ensuring a memorable academic year, while enjoying the camaraderie associated with it all.

Your volunteerism and creativity as a parent or guardian of a day student, boarding student, or international student is critical to safeguard the goals of EWSPA:

  • Active parent and guardian participation and engagement (in-person or virtual involvement)
  • Diversity, in every facet, within the EWSPA board and committees that fully represents the Walker’s community
  • Expand upon the offering of EWSPA board positions

Please consider learning how to get involved as an active member. We welcome all that you have to offer!

EWSPA Assists With:

All-School Activities

  • Dogswood Day
  • Holiday Treats, Events, and Receptions
  • Year-End Class Parties
  • Book Club, Parent Forums, Coffees, and Enrichment Activities
  • Random Acts of Kindness

Middle School

  • Middle School Fun Night
  • Mid-Winter Activity Night

Upper School

  • Class Retreats
  • Class Sleepovers
  • Community Service
  • Sweatshirts and T-Shirts
  • Transportation to Prom
  • Seed Money for Class Fundraisers
  • Senior Skip Day