Suzanne Piela and a student


Provide a positive learning environment for our students.

Just 20 minutes outside of Hartford, The Ethel Walker School, located in Simsbury, Connecticut, excels at preparing girls to make a profound difference in the world. 

As a boarding and day school of 250 girls from grades 6–12, members of this diverse community are dedicated to global citizenship, scholarshipthe artssocial justice and inclusionathletics, wellness, and community partnerships. The satisfaction of achievement and joy of friendship are fundamental principles as the School empowers girls to lead with integrity, respect, confidence, courage, conviction, and a love of learning. Walker’s provides a home away from home in an environment of support, challenge, safety, and engagement to our girls. Girls are given many opportunities to grow, learn, and lead within our community and beyond.

Walker’s is dedicated to recruiting and supporting educators who are committed to their own ongoing learning process and growth in a collaborative work environment. Successful applicants are also dynamic individuals who are compelled to provide a positive, joyful, and challenging learning environment for our girls.

Please contact us with any inquiries in specific areas and send your resume to