Middle School Volleyball


Building skills and exploring new ones.

Athletics are an integral part of our Middle School girls’ experience. When young women train and compete, they rise to meet new challenges, step into leadership roles, and emerge physically and intellectually stronger, as individuals and team members. 

At Walker’s Middle School, girls play sports at the level that meets their abilities. Some students excel on Middle School teams while others have the skill to play at the JV or varsity level. At the start of each season, some Middle School athletes are invited by Walker’s athletic director or coaches to try out for a JV or varsity team.

Middle School students also participate in a Skill Development program which is designed to encourage Middle School students to try new co-curricular offerings, including sports and theater, and develop good habits for a healthy lifestyle. For some students, this program complements their time on a JV or varsity team in the seasons when they are not playing Upper School sports.

Fall offerings

Skill Development


Middle School Soccer

Upper School varsity tryouts: soccer, field hockey, cross country, volleyball, dance

Winter offerings


Middle School Basketball

Middle School Play

Upper School varsity tryouts: swimming, basketball, squash, dance

Spring offerings

Skill Development


Upper School varsity tryouts: lacrosse, softball, tennis, dance


Middle School sports teams and Skill Development classes meet during the academic day while the Upper School JV and varsity teams meet after school. If a Middle School student plays at the JV or varsity level, they typically will have a study hall during the block when Skill Development classes meet. Middle School games typically take place on weekday afternoons and occasional Saturdays both here in Simsbury and at other independent schools throughout the region.

Skill Development Class

In Walker’s Skill Development classes, our Middle School students are introduced to sports and theater classes which enhance their existing athletic and acting abilities or allow them to try new things in a supportive environment. The class is structured so that students experience our co-curricular offerings, including field hockey, theatre, softball, lacrosse, and tennis, at a developmental level. Upper School coaches and our theater director teach the classes providing students with an insider’s view of participation in a sport or theater class at the Upper School level.

Skill Development classes are taught by our Upper School JV and varsity-level coaches and theater director. A list of required equipment and additional equipment per season is shared with families prior to the season. Students may borrow school equipment but must provide certain safety equipment that is not shareable, such as a mouthguard for field hockey or lacrosse.

Middle School Skill Development

Middle School Riding

Students who are riders in Walker’s equestrian program are able to take riding lessons during the school day where their schedule permits. Walker’s Middle School IEA team meets after school at the barn; the team competes at various shows throughout the region.

Students who are signed up for riding and are new to the sport will have their lessons during the academic day based on their schedule.

Students who are signed up for riding and are an intermediate or advanced rider will have their lessons after school.

All lessons include instruction in the skills needed to compete in IEA shows. These skills will be taught and reviewed during a student’s regular riding lesson time.

Middle School riding


Yes. Participation in a school co-curricular is an invaluable way for Middle School students to get to know each other across grade levels while acquiring new skills.

During the summer, head coaches of varsity team sports contact students who have signed up to try out for JV or varsity level teams. During the winter and spring, head coaches typically hold inquiry meetings during lunch where additional information is provided for the upcoming season. It is always encouraged to get in physical shape for each respective sport, in particular to avoid injury.

The first week of the fall, winter and spring seasons is typically the tryout period. Students are notified via school email that tryouts are upcoming.

A student who is in Skill Development classes will have their afternoons free for after school activities or riding lessons. A student who is on a Middle School team will generally have their afternoons free with the exception of some game days. JV and varsity-level co-curriculars are scheduled after school.

For more information about after-school programming, contact Middle School Administrative Assistant and Activities Coordinator Katelyn Martinez at

The interscholastic competition will always be the expectation. Teachers of after-school programming work with these students to keep them on track in the after-school program.

For more information about after-school programming, contact Middle School Administrative Assistant and Activities Coordinator Katelyn Martinez at

No, the Middle School team sport practices are held during Skill Development class time during the season when the team is practicing.

No. Unless invited to participate in Upper School preseason, Middle School students have their own programming when preseason is held.

Co-curriculars are treated as academic classes. If your student is not feeling well, they should contact a Middle School administrator or their advisor and see the school nurse. Only the nurse can excuse a student from participation.