Academic Support

The Academic Support Center (ASC) serves as a resource for all students who wish to enhance their academic performance through improved time management, organizational skills, study skills, and test-taking strategies.

The academic support coordinator works collaboratively with students, parents, advisors, faculty members, and administrators to support students who need academic coaching or those who have mild to moderate documented learning differences which affect academic performance. The ASC is located in the Constance Lavino Bell ’48 Library

ASC Mission Statement

To encourage students to take ownership of their academic growth and become strong self-advocates in order to realize their full potential. It is vital that every student becomes an equal partner in the learning experience, develops strong working relationships with their teachers, and contributes effectively to the learning environment of their classes. Various levels of support are available to promote this development.

Available Support

For more information, contact Academic Support Center Director Mary Beth Conley at or 860-408-4283.

Students can use academic coaching to improve executive function skills including planning, time management, and organizational skills. Additionally, students can consult to strengthen study skills and test-taking strategies.

Students should first seek help from faculty if they believe they need additional support. The Academic Support Coordinator encourages students to understand their role in seeking extra help from teachers and the importance of preparing rough drafts and/or specific questions in preparation for extra help.

Math Lab is offered during the academic day, where math faculty members are available to answer students’ math questions.

Students may drop in during the academic day to visit English faculty members for writing and English help.

Students approved by faculty members offer tutoring to fellow students in subject areas such as math, science, and World Languages. Peer tutors are available one-on-one in addition to drop-in center hours.

Writing Fellows are selected, trained, and supported by the English Department, using the model developed by Brown University. Writing Fellows can assist in written work for any subject including college essays, job applications, letters of interest, senior speeches, etc. Students may ask for help with ideas and outlining, research and citation, and draft editing and final proof-reading.

Walker’s contracts with carefully vetted professional tutors who are approved to work with our students on campus. If a student has sought extra help, has kept scheduled appointments in the ASC, and has tried other support services, the student, parent, advisor, or teacher may request professional tutoring. Professional tutoring is arranged for an additional hourly fee through the ASC.

Accommodations and Support Plans are designed by the ASC for students with documented learning differences which affect academic performance. These plans will be shared with the students’ advisors and teachers at the beginning of each semester. The goal is for each student to become a strong self-advocate and use the supports available to her, when appropriate. Students are responsible for notifying teachers of their intention to use approved accommodations prior to a test, but some students may need encouragement to do so, particularly Middle School students.

Accommodations provided for qualifying students include a language waiver, extended time on assessments, alternate settings for assessments (quiet, minimally-distracting environment), preferential seating in class, use of a recording device in class, use of a 4-function calculator, use of audiobooks, and use of a laptop/iPad in class.