Ensuring students are connected and cared for within our school community.

Middle School is a delicate and critical time in a young girl’s life that requires meaningful connections and a strong sense of belonging.

Walker’s Middle School Advisory Program has been developed to ensure students find success in being connected to — and cared for — by the adults in our school community.

Under the positive mentorship of a nurturing professional, every student is placed in a carefully cultivated small group of Middle School students where she is able to: 

  • Build and strengthen student-to-student and advisor-to-student relationships. Small group advisories create an environment that fosters acceptance, belonging, and community.
  • Partner with her advisor who monitors academic progress, communicates with families, and prompts the appropriate academic support if needed.  
  • Engage in discussions that are relevant and important to them to help them become invested in their school community. Investment in community fosters a desire to pursue leadership opportunities which are available to all girls in the Middle School.
  • Get out into the community together, whether for a quick run to get an ice cream cone on a warm spring afternoon or on a field trip to a local amusement park.

Advisors are responsible for monitoring their advisees’ academic progress, celebrating their success, and guiding students through challenging moments. Students are assigned advisors by a thoughtful process that is informed by an understanding of each student’s needs. The advisor functions as the first point of contact for Walker’s parents and works in partnership with parents and the Head of the Middle School to ensure each student’s well-being. Advisors are relied upon to be in communication with parents throughout the school year on all matters relating their students.
Once a week, advisory groups meet for lunch where they sit together as a group for a chance to catch up on the week or to collaborate on an activity. Advisory lunch is also the place where Middle School student leadership shares announcements and the whole Middle School community celebrates birthdays, awards, and accolades.
During the last block of the day on Thursday, the whole Walker’s community meets in small advisory groups to Drop Everything And Read (D.E.A.R.). Cookies and milk are served as everyone dives into a book of their choosing as they enjoy an hour of uninterrupted reading for pleasure.