Walker’s curriculum combines the traditional areas of liberal arts studies — science, math, history, English, world languages, and the arts — with electives that are relevant to the world today.

The faculty, including both exciting new educators and well-tenured teachers, animate the coursework with discussion-based exploration and project-based learning.



The Seminar Program at Walker’s allows students to explore a wide array of topics over the course of their four years in the Upper School. Digital citizenship and public speaking are among the cornerstones of the program as are the development of awareness of the world around us and the empowerment of girls to effect change through the understanding of social justice. In this program, students develop financial literacy, communication, and leadership skills along with heightened level of confidence as they gain new skills and acquire information. Juniors meet regularly with the college counseling office during these class blocks and in the spring semester, seniors are enrolled in a course to learn about what life will be like in college.


Junior Project