Day School Life

Day School Life

A day in the life of a Walker’s student.

At Walker’s, day students are just as involved as boarders.

Day students arrive each morning to campus from as close as Simsbury and surrounding towns up to an hour’s drive away. For some, they take bus transportation from West Hartford. Others are dropped off or drive their own vehicles to campus. Once they are here, day students fill the day right up until the time they go home to get some rest and start anew the next morning.

Students come to campus early to have breakfast in Abra’s with friends- which is a great way to ease into the day- and remain through dinner most evenings. Some day students choose to participate in evening study hall at the Constance Lavino Bell ’48 Library from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. All Upper School students are encouraged to participate in clubs and affinity groups which meet during lunch, free periods, and sometimes during dinner.

Every day student is expected to participate in the after school co-curricular program where students choose their activity including sports, riding, dance, theater, and robotics among others for each of the school seasons. On occasion there is evening programming where students remain at school for dinner then attend a talk by visiting a speaker or evening event.