Student Life

Walker’s will be your second home.

Whether you are a boarding or day student, you will be a part of a warm community where you will be accepted and valued for who you are.

At Walker’s, faculty are more than just teachers. They are advisors, coaches, mentors, and your family away from home. Here, all students, whether day or boarding, are part of a vibrant community that lives, studies, eats and plays together seven days a week. It’s nearly impossible to distinguish who is a boarding student versus a day student as all students are fully engaged in the life of the school.

In between classes, Upper School and Middle School boarding and day students make the most of our facilities on campus, including the library, the Centennial Center social center, fitness center, music rooms, the barn, dance studios, and the basketball and squash courts. In warmer weather, students can be found gathering on the Centennial Lawn behind Beaver Brook or sitting at the picnic tables near the Centennial Center.

After classes, students participate in co-curricular programs then join their friends in Abra’s for dinner. Following dinner our Upper School students spend time together, rehearsing with musical groups and meeting with clubs and affinity groups. Day students are always welcome to join boarders in the Library for study hall following dinner. Residential students can also choose to study in their dorm room. On weeknights following study hall, boarding students gather in their dorm common rooms with residential faculty for games, snacks, celebrations and camaraderie.  

On weekends, day students are often found spending time with boarding students at brunch, on the fields, and at events both on and off campus.

Boarding School Life

At a boarding school, you are never more than a few steps away from someone who is an integral part of your daily life at Walker’s.

Day School Life

As a day student, you will explore every part of life at Walker’s, including all-school and weekend events, or even staying for dinner in Abra’s.

There’s Always Something to Do at Walker’s

Weekend Life

Our student Head of Weekend Activities works with our Assistant Dean of Students to make sure there are plenty of fun events and outings each weekend. Day and boarding students will always have the opportunity for a full schedule.

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Student Government

Walker’s students have many opportunities to engage in student government positions which promotes the smooth running of student activities, and provides leadership for students as they face challenging issues or concerns.

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Clubs & Affinity Groups

The many student and faculty-led clubs and affinity groups provide students with the opportunity to find their niche community. Students can create their own club with faculty or advisor consent. The possibilities are endless!

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Coffee house on campus
Coffee House

Students have regular opportunities to meet with peers from other schools, including coffee houses, dances, open mic nights and sporting events.

Ice cream party in the dorm
Dorm Life

Our residential faculty living in our dormitories create a healthy — and fun! — family atmosphere. Casual baking, game nights and more make the dorms feel like home and create lasting memories.

Pep rally
Pep Rally

Celebrating school spirit is an important part of life at Walker’s. Regular pep rallies offer a time to come together as a community, compete in fun games and cheer on our teams at the start of the season.


At Walker’s, girls lead. Formal and informal opportunities for peer-to-peer leadership are abundant throughout campus life. Upper School student government, the Big 7, offers elected positions where girls can explore what it means to represent constituencies.


From prom and interschool dances to football games at Avon Old Farms or Salisbury School, Walker’s students get to meet students from many other schools in the area.

Health and Wellness

At Walker’s, students lead an active lifestyle. From choosing nutritious meals in our dining halls, to a curriculum designed to address a variety of wellness topics including study skills, women’s health, or self defense among others, our students leave for college prepared to be advocates for themselves. Students are provided the tools to be able to manage their own social and emotional well-being.

Our on-campus health and wellness services are available to both boarding and day students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Families often ask us questions about what it’s like to be a boarding student at Walker’s. Here is a compiled list of the most frequently asked questions:

We have a dress code that guides our students’ dress during the school week. One of the highlights of our dress code is that every Wednesday is “Walker’s Wednesday” where the whole community dresses in Walker’s gear to cheer on our teams who typically have games, matches, and meets on Wednesday afternoons. While we don’t have a uniform, we do have what’s called “Vespers” dress, which is a grey Lands’ End skirt or pants plus a white top with the Walker’s seal.

Day students may bring a car to campus after registering for a parking spot. Day student cars should not remain on campus overnight. Boarding students may not have a car on campus.

In the Upper School, you are not required to participate in club activities. Any student can create their own club as long as one does not already exist for the same topic. The creation of a club requires students to create a mission statement and to secure a faculty advisor.

Clubs and Affinity Groups

Students are not required to play a sport, but they do have to sign up for a co-curricular for each of the three seasons (fall, winter, and spring). Some students do get waivers if they are active in an activity outside of the Walker’s community. For instance, if a student is an avid gymnast, she is able to get a waiver so she can pursue the sport independently.

Walker’s Athletics

While we do not book flights for students, we do offer assistance when needed. Some international and long-distance boarding students will oftentimes choose to celebrate major holidays together and not return home for breaks.

While we do not turn off our wifi at any time, we do block site that are not suitable for children.

No! Students are welcome to bring technology to campus, and we expect that they will use that technology in a productive and appropriate manner. Students are counseled that they should not be on social media during study halls. Phones should also not be out during class and passing times in the hallways. Phones are never allowed at meals.

Student Technology Requirements

The Health Center is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. and from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. pm Saturday and Sunday. An on-call nurse is available overnight. Walker’s is located in close proximity to urgent care facilities, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, UConn’s John Dempsey Hospital, St. Francis Hospital, and Hartford Hospital. We are located about two hours from either Boston and New York, should additional care be needed.

Health and Wellness

Walker’s campus is located in a rural area of northwestern Connecticut about 30 minutes from Hartford, Connecticut’s capital city. Simsbury is considered a very safe community with an active emergency medical services system in place. Each of our buildings requires a swipe card to enter and we offer overnight security patrols seven days per week. Each student is also required to use BoardingWare, an app that allows faculty and staff to account for the whereabouts of each student. Visual attendance is taken with boarding students each night and on the weekends, in addition to the use of the app. During the week, day students are required to check in each morning and check out each afternoon or evening when they leave campus for the day.

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