Activist Janée Woods Weber Shares Perspective with Walker’s Community

Janée Woods Weber speaking at assembly

On Wednesday, February 17, activist Janée Woods Weber spoke to the Walker’s community about her personal journey fighting for social justice. Janée encouraged students to stay educated on important issues surrounding social justice, and to actively play a role in fighting oppression.

Janée Woods is a former attorney who left the legal world to work for the nonprofit organization “Everyday Democracy” that helps communities across the country address important issues like poverty, education and racism. After having worked there for five years, she joined the William Caspar Graustein Memorial Foundation, which focuses on equity in education by addressing racism and poverty. Janée writes about social justice issues on her blog titled, “What Matters”. Her writing has also appeared in several publications and has been read by millions of people.

Janée’s visit was an extension of Walker’s Martin Luther King Day observance, which posed the question “When Will You March?” Students were inspired after hearing of Janée’s work with the Black Lives Matter Movement and Moral Monday CT, two organizations taking bold action in Hartford to raise awareness of racial inequality.