Alex Faucher ’23 Races to the Podium

Alex Faucher skiing

Alex Faucher ’23 continues to keep Walker’s skiing on the map this winter. Competing in the Seibert U16 Cup at the Berkshire East Mountain Resort in Massachusetts on Sunday, January 24, Alex earned two podium finishes in both of her slaloms. She finished with combined times of 1:15.26 for her first pair of races and 1:13.61 for her second races. Alex’s times earned her two third-place finishes overall in a field of 45 and 46, respectively.

Alex, a two-year member of Walker’s skiing program, was happy with her performances and the opportunity to compete this winter. “The races on Sunday were extremely different from races I’ve been to in the past – the biggest change being the number of competitors,” she said. “Due to the pandemic, there were only [about] 45 girls racing, which is around half of what it usually is. We also skied two races in one day. I was a little nervous at first about skiing four runs but I ended up really liking the fast pace and smaller grouping of racers. In terms of the results, I feel like I definitely could have skied more aggressively but overall I feel good about my third place finishes, given that the girls in front of me are both very solid skiers.”

Walker’s skiing plans to resume in-person team practices beginning on February 15.

Click to view full results from Alex’s first slalom in the 8:30 a.m. race and second slalom at the 1:00 p.m. afternoon race.