Alum Spotlight: Maisie Smith ’19

Maisie Smith

Alumna Maisie Smith ’19 reflects on her participation in Walker’s athletics and how it has shaped her college experience at Haverford College, PA. Maisie recently completed her freshman year there playing squash.

While at Walker’s, Maisie earned five varsity letters in soccer, four varsity letters in squash, and one varsity letter in lacrosse. Maisie was a captain for the varsity soccer team in 2018 and the squash team for both the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 seasons. She was a member of the Ethel Walker Athletic Council (EWAC) during the 2016-2017, 2017-2018, and 2018-2019 school years, and a Scholar-Athlete her senior year.

Maisie shares, “Looking back at [my time at] Walker’s, I remember how much enthusiasm we had for our team and how we showed up for each other’s games. Some of my favorite moments were our many toaster rides where we would sing and talk together all the way back to Walker’s. I loved the scrimmages that we played that had so much energy and excitement. I hope that Walker’s athletes continue to keep the fantastic Walker’s spirit alive and support one another during this difficult time.”

Maisie Smith

Playing on different teams at Walker’s, each one having a different atmosphere, prepared Maisie to play squash at college and it showed her so many different ways to be a part of a team. “My first season playing squash at Haverford was terrific! I loved having the opportunity to play every day with a supportive and fun team that pushed one another to get better,” said Maisie. “Just like at Walker’s, some of my favorite moments were when we spent time sharing stories and blasting music in the locker room before practice. I hope that Walker’s athletes, especially seniors, know that although this school year did not end as planned, there are so many amazing experiences waiting for all of us, and the Walker’s community will continue to be a part of this journey.