Arts and English Students Visit Yale University Art Gallery

Yale University Art Gallery

On Friday, November 1, a group of Walker’s students from across the Arts and English departments had the opportunity to travel to New Haven to visit the Yale University Art Gallery. While our photography students were out experimenting with street photography, the rest of the group took a guided tour in the museum in which they asked questions, guided conversation and connected with individual works of art from across various times and cultures. Students also had the opportunity to make a few sketches from the gallery’s collection of ancient African art, and were given time on their own to look through other parts of the gallery.

As a follow up, Art History students were asked to analyze a piece that resonated with them and reflect on the experience of interacting with works of art in person as opposed to simply on a screen, and students in the Visual Arts classes were asked to write an artwork analysis paper on their favorite piece in the gallery. Advanced English students studied modernist masterpieces and compared them to a reading of Virginia Woolf’s stream-of-consciousness narration. Back on campus, they wrote about three pieces that moved them from the museum and three equally compelling passages from Mrs. Dalloway.

Below, enjoy a selection of street photography by Sorrel Reeves ’22, Margaret Szczygiel ’21, Jenessa Lu ’21 and Daisy Zhang ’21.