Drama Club Presents Student-Directed Performance of “Check Please”

two students on stage during student directed play

December 13, 2019

On December 12, members of the Drama Club presented a student-directed performance of the one-act play, Check Please, by Jonathan Rand. Directed by Olivia Johnson ’22 and Olivia Dargis ’22, the play performed to a fully packed house in Little Ferg. We are so proud of this accomplishment – directing a show is a huge undertaking, and Olivia Johnson and Olivia Dargis impressed the audience with their creativity, artistic vision and organization. The cast was comprised of both Middle and Upper School students and included: Kate Samson ’23, Etta Rathbun ’23, Brooke Li ’22, Sophie Lawry ’25, Garvey-Elise Johnson ’25, Fiona Mucaj ’21, Kate Weiss ’21, Ruby Dawson ’25, Emily Ness ’24, Kayla Sudol ’23 and Shumei Han ’21.

View photos taken by Abi Welch ’20: