Elisa Del Valle Honored with Ally Award at Sixth Annual Black Girl Magic Ball

Elisa Del Valle Mahogany L. Browne Black Girl Magic Ball 2023

Elisa Del Valle (right) with Dean of Students Nishette Isaac (left), Mahogany L. Browne (second from left), and Walker’s students.

Elisa Del Valle accepts the Ally Award at the Sixth Annual Black Girl Magic Ball

The Sixth Annual Black Girl Magic Ball honored Elisa Del Valle, Assistant Head for Student Life and Director of Social Justice and Inclusion, as an Esteemed Honoree at the Museum of the City of New York on Tuesday, March 21. The event, an “annual intergenerational celebration of Black Girls and Black Women through music, poetry, and a show like no other,” is curated and hosted by Mahogany L. Browne. Browne is the first-ever poet-in-residence at New York City’s Lincoln Center and was Walker’s Fall 2022 Visiting Writer. Elisa was honored for her work in Walker’s Ward and Williams Center for Equity and Justice. Accepting the award before a sold-out crowd, Elisa remarked, “I do this work because young people inspire me.”

Proceeds from the event benefited Urban Word, an organization that empowers young people to use writing and spoken word as a tool for self-expression, activism, and personal growth.