Fall Team Spotlight: JV Volleyball Sets Strategic Season

JV Volleyball captains 2020

Pictured: Captains and seniors Olivia Dargis ’22, Kate Weiss ’21, and Kayla Sudol ’23

Article written by Jordana Donshna ’21, EWAC Member

Each week throughout the fall, we will highlight one of our nine teams that normally have a very traditional competition season. Due to coronavirus and the safety protocols and guidelines that we have implemented and are closely following, our seasons have been severely modified.

Like all fall teams, JV Volleyball – coached by Daniele Ness and Colleen O’Connor – has been presented with some unique challenges this season and have been playing through and adapting to the levels of COVID protocols. Firstly and most drastically, the team started the season outside on the grass; this location change was very different for the sport that is traditionally played inside on a court. During this period of the highest restrictions, the girls were unable to share balls with each other, so practice focused mainly on individual skills as well as conditioning. As time progressed, the team was able to begin sharing balls while wearing gloves. This allowed for more team development and began to look more like a traditional practice. Eventually, the team was able to move inside and take off their gloves while remaining physically distanced.

Overall, the outdoor playing environment was an unusual twist on the season, and new players had to learn most of the game in a way most people don’t. But, it didn’t stop the players from giving it their best effort. Coach Ness noted how impressed she was with the maintained effort of the girls throughout the season even though there have been no games. In agreement, Coach O’Connor states,“They all have been doing really well. Even though we’re a small team of eight girls, everyone makes the most of it and has fun.”

The team is ready to play some games, even if that means waiting until next year. Captain Olivia Dargis ’22 comments, “Even though we’re not playing games right now, everyone is still working really hard and wanting to improve. We are all excited to showcase what we have learned and are ready to go next year.”