Fall Team Spotlight: Varsity Volleyball Sees Strong Results

Varsity Volleyball 2020

Pictured: 2020 varsity volleyball team

Article written by Sarah Shaw ’23

Each week throughout the fall, we will highlight one of our nine teams that normally have a very traditional competition season. Due to coronavirus and the safety protocols and guidelines that we have implemented and are closely following, our seasons have been severely modified.

All of the varsity volleyball players believed this season helped them for the better, despite the hardships and different changes within the season. Captain Holiday Awe ’22 says, “We have definitely improved on our defensive positions and backrow skills, along with all our different aspects of hitting and jump serves. Going from back row hitting, 4-step approaches, and self toss hitting, Coach B never fails with his list of new exercises and activities he brings to practice everyday.”

With COVID preventing all sports including volleyball to compete with other schools, the varsity team has been scrimmaging against JV. This has brought competition to the game while still having a lot of fun. One of the varsity captains Holiday Awe says, “Scrimmaging with JV is one of my favorite things to do. While it’s lighthearted and fun, it’s also really awesome to see how each team challenges each other. Both teams have taught each other a lot which has strengthened the program in so many ways.” Overall, this friendly competition has given the players a chance to practice and use their skills in a friendly, supportive, competitive, and safe way.

This year was a great opportunity for the volleyball program to build and grow skill wise while also building as teammates. Varsity captain Rori Arnold ’22 says, “In volleyball, throughout the entire season and recently, I think I speak for the entire team when I say that we have all gained a bunch of new friends within each other; on and off the court. This season has been tough with all the new changes, but together and with our new coach, we have pushed through and made it the best that we can. I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with anyone one else.”

The team is coached by first year coaches Jonathan Bui and Noël Grisanti, and captained by Holiday Awe ’22, Olivia Steber ’21, and Rori Arnold ’22.