Junior Earns Girl Scout Award

April 3, 2020

Mackenzie Zeytoonjian’s ’21 Gold Award project, “Give And Receive,” is a way to empower children with different abilities by showing them that anyone can make a greater impact on their community.

Under Mackenzie’s guidance, children aged 4-7 with differences, such as Down syndrome and autism, worked together to create beautiful art work for The Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. The art pieces, displayed on the hospital’s walls, promote a safe and calm feeling.

“My main goal in accomplishing my Gold Award was to promote the fact that these amazing children can give to their community by helping others, while at the same time receiving a sense of empowerment that they did something great for their community,” says Mackenzie. “Together we successfully completed two art programs and created a great partnership with Walker’s Dance Program! Big thanks to Ms. Soule for all her help in the process!”