Maureen Lamb Wins 2022 Society of Classical Studies Award for Excellence in Teaching

Maureen Lamb

Maureen Lamb, Latin Faculty and Dean of Educational Technology and Innovative Pedagogy, has been honored with The Society of Classical Studies (SCS) Award for Excellence in Teaching at the K-12 Level. This award is given annually by the SCS to recognize and reward teachers who have made a significant contribution to the field of classics education. The award includes a prize and an invitation to attend the annual meeting of the SCS.

On Maureen’s work, the SCS says, “Maureen Lamb is a powerful, positive force both within her own classroom and within the field and has demonstrated her ability to continually expand her teaching toolkit while readily sharing her knowledge with others. In the interests of meeting student needs, she has changed her teaching practices, moving from traditional, grammar-translation methods to more reading-focused materials, and now to methods based on theories of Comprehensible Input and Second Language Acquisition…One student praised not only her ‘dynamic and engaging’ teaching style but also her integration of different digital resources and the inclusion of different perspectives of people from different backgrounds in their class readings. The student also praised Lamb’s ability to create a ‘tight-knit classroom community where students felt safe, respected, and able to be themselves authentically.’”

To learn more about the impressive accomplishments that led to Maureen receiving this award, please visit this link.