Prizes Awarded to Upper School Students

2020 Cum Laude Society inductees
2020 Cum Laude Society inductees
2020 Cum Laude Society inductees (clockwise from top left: Hayley Bravin ’20, Sisi Feng ’20, Jane Li ’20, Joyce Qiu ’20, Emmy Vitali ’20, Amelia Holl ’21, Kristen St. Louis ’21 and Lizzy Strapp ’21)

On Saturday, June 6, the Walker’s community gathered virtually to celebrate the awarding of prizes to students in the Upper School.

In her opening remarks, Head of School Dr. Meera Viswanathan said, “Our tradition at Prize Night — this year Prize Day — is to take special note of the individuals in our Upper School that our Roman forebears would have termed primus inter pares, those first among equals — those girls selected by the faculty who embody most fully the extraordinary qualities associated with the various school awards and prizes. We salute the character and accomplishments of these young women and, in so doing, we also salute their parents and families for all you have done in producing such a harvest.”

Dr. Julia Sheldon, president of Walker’s Cum Laude Society, inducted this year’s members. The Cum Laude Society was founded in 1906 by Dr. Abram W. Harris to encourage and recognize true scholarship among secondary school students. In 1953 The Ethel Walker School first established a Cum Laude chapter. Five students in the senior class were inducted into the Cum Laude Society last year when they were juniors including: Chufan Cui ’20, Kitty Huang ’20, Abigail McRavey ’20, Riley Sheldon’20 and Liyanni Vazquez ’20. This year’s senior inductees are: Hayley Bravin ’20, Sisi Feng ’20, Jane Li ’20, Joyce Qiu ’20 and Emmy Vitali ’20. This year’s junior inductees are: Amelia Holl ’21, Kristen St. Louis ’21 and Lizzy Strapp ’21.

Nathaniel Johnson, a member of the History Faculty and Sophomore Class Dean, awarded the Dartmouth Book Award to Olivia Johnson ’22.

Jen Wall, a member of the Math Faculty and Junior Class Dean, awarded a series of book awards to members of the junior class including:

The Brandeis Book Award: Kristen St Louis ’21
The Brown Book Award goes to Kristen St. Louis ’21
The George Washington Book Award: Jynaiya Grizzle ’21
The Harvard Book Award: Mo Mao ’21
The Princeton University Book Award: Amelia Holl ’21
The St. Lawrence Book Award winner is Lucia-Hope Markoe ’21
The Smith Book Award: Jenessa Lu ’21
The Trinity Book Award: Lizzy Strapp ’21
The Wellesley Book Award: Tejaswini Melekote ’21
The Yale Book Award: Margaret Han ’21

Dean of Studies John Monagan awarded department and academic prizes including:

The RPI Certificate: Amy Xia ’21
The Worcester Polytechnic Institute STEM Leadership Book Award: Nora Griffiths ’21
The Mary Scouller Nelson English Prize: Riley Sheldon ’20 and Ella Samson ’20
The French Prize: Elinor Tandberg ’21
The History Prize: Amelia Holl ’21
The Latin Prize: Riley Sheldon ’20
The Mandarin Prize: Anastasia Reid ’21
The Mathematics: Jane Li ’21
The Science Prize: Sisi Feng ’20
The Spanish Prize: Victoria Llanos ’21
The Music Prize: Joyce Qiu ’20 and Kitty Huang ’20
The Madelene Sala Choir Girl: Erin Corbett ’21
The Virginia Childs Ramsey Hinman Class of 1932 Prize: Abby McRavey ’20
The Performing Arts Prize: Alaina Vermilya ’20
The Visual Arts Prize: Jaden Kassa ’20 and Ella Samson ’20

Athletic Director Kati Eggert presented prizes for co-curriculars including:

The Dorothy Silverherz Dance Prize: Elisa Dey ’21 and Gabi Cohen ’20
The Elizabeth Olson Marshall Dance Prize: Jaden Kassa ’20
The Theatre Prize: Shermya Dover-John ’21
The Technical Theatre Prize: Sam Wolf ’20
The Voorhees Cup: Reagan Kerecz ’20
The Meritorious Effort Cup: Izzy O’Donnell ’20 and Ava Rivera ’20
The William C. Lickle Athletic Cup: Daphne Peterson ’21
Varsity Club Inductee: Reagan Kerecz ’20
Scholar Athlete and Artist Senior Inductees: Lily Cullen ’20, Jaden Kassa ’20, Kay Lawlor ’20, Hannah Theriault ’20, and Abi Welch ’20
The William C. Lickle Riding Cup to Honor Frank O.H. Williams: Ava Strohmeyer ’21
The Noble-Uihlein Riding Trophy: Abi Welch ’20

The Alumnae Board Social Action Award was presented to Ella Samson ’20 and Alaina Vermilya ’20 by Nicole Hart Dunn ’96, a member of the Alumnae Board.

Assistant Head of School Dan Meyers inducted the newest members of The Caroline Walker Honor Society including: Hayley Bravin ’20, Sisi Feng ’20 and Ella Samson ’20.

Head of School Dr. Meera Viswanathan presented service and character awards including:

The Amy C. Rehfuss Award: Anastasia Reid ’21
Head’s Service Award: Olivia Johnson ’22, Ella Samson ’20, Claire Shemo ’21 and Sarah You ’22
Community Partnership Award: Kitty Huang ’20
The Cicerone Society Prize: Abi Welch ’20
The Margaret Mallory Class of 1930 Cup: Janet Hedges ’21
The Brunhilde Grassi Class of 1929 Cup: Allison Wall ’22
The Clarissa Green Class of 1932 Cup: Lizzy Strapp ’21
The Helen Blair Class of 1929 Memorial Prize: Liyanni Vazquez ’20
The Barbara Byrnes Class of 1936 and Elizabeth Byrnes Class of 1939 Memorial Prize for Effort and Achievement: Emmy Vitali ’20
The Emily Cluett Class of 1919 Prize for Courage and Fortitude: Hayley Bravin ’20
The Cummings Prize: Kyleigh Holt ’20
The Isabel Jackson Class of 1927 Memorial Prize for Faithfulness and Dependability: Kitty Huang ’20
The Catherine Henderson Murtaugh Class of 1996 Prize: Hayley Bravin ’20
The Cary Page Memorial Prize for Versatility: Alaina Vermilya ’20
The Henry B. Sargent Memorial Prize for Kindliness and Good Fellowship: Sisi Feng ’20
The Alison Stone Class of 1952 Memorial Prize: Kay Lawlor ’20
The Sundial Award: Ella Samson ’20
The Faculty Prize: Lauren Cleaver ’20
The Trustees’ Prize: Izzy O’Donnell ’20