Senior Spotlight: Creating Community: Jordana Doshna on a Full Campus Life

Jordana Doshna flying a plane

Jordana Doshna spent her years at Walker’s taking advantage of every moment — and getting others to do the same. She kept a dizzying schedule, balancing varsity athletics, student leadership positions, and dorm activities. Community events took place in between studying for her rigorous honors schedule. And when she wasn’t working toward her own goals, she was cheering on others. Often, she could be found running up and down the sidelines waving a giant Walker’s flag as she cheered until she “had no voice left.” For Jordana, creating a connectedness both in and out of the classroom was an essential part of her Walker’s experience.  

“Community is so important to me. I am the kind of person that likes to walk into a room and feel comfortable. I made an effort to be friendly with everyone on campus and encouraged others to do the same,” she says. Jordana made making community a job for herself. In the dorms, she’d organize games or movie nights in the common room. She liked to encourage others to “get out of their comfort zone” and try new things or meet new people. 

But what she loved the most about living on campus were the “little unexpected adventures” – being on drives with people she didn’t know and then becoming the best of friends or getting last-minute approval for a day student to stay over and then having a big celebration afterward. “It was like a giant sleepover with all of your friends… It was such a great experience and I think it prepared me well for college.”

Next year, Jordana will be heading to Lewis University in Illinois, where she plans to continue playing lacrosse at the Division 2 level. Jordana came to Walker’s to play lacrosse and left as a tri-varsity athlete with high honors — a goal of hers since she first toured the campus. She moved out of her own comfort zone when she took up ski racing, which she had never tried before, as well as field hockey and cross-country, a sport she says “humbled her.” 

At Lewis, Jordana will pursue another passion of hers: flying. She has been working to complete her private pilot’s license, which she started while still a student at Walker’s, and will study aviation flight technology next year. She has dreams of turning her flying interest into a lifelong career, either as a Coast Guard rescue helicopter pilot or corporate jet pilot. 

Jordana says she is ready for this next stage in pursuit of her dreams and feels well prepared to take on whatever comes her way. “My crowded schedule taught me a discipline I had never known that I think will help me succeed in college.”