Social Media Coach Laura Tierney Visits Campus as Margaret Huling Bonz Speaker

On Sunday, March 5, president and founder of The Social Institute Laura Tierney visited campus as a Margaret Huling Bonz Women of Distinction Speaker. She spoke to students and parents about navigating social media, encouraging girls to be proactive in managing their online presence and to think through challenging social scenarios that would result in a negative image or impression of them. Because colleges and employers are more actively looking at prospects’ online presence to get a sense of who the candidates really are and what they stand for, Laura stressed the importance of using your social media space to positively tell your own story and express your passions.

Prior to the presentation, students and parents completed a survey about their social media habits. 65% of our own student community said that they screenshot and share items sent to them by friends – a reminder that we should all assume that posts, such as Snaps, don’t “go away.”

Laura Tierney is driven to helping teens, athletes and organizations leverage social media in healthy and meaningful ways. Laura uses her unique background to help players and students as they navigate our increasingly digital world. In college, Laura was a four-time Duke All-American, two-time team captain and Duke Athlete of the Decade for field hockey. During her time at Duke, she played with the U.S. Women’s National Field Hockey Team, representing the United States at home and abroad. She served as social media director at the award-winning advertising agency, McKinney, where she worked with national and international brands. Early in her career, Laura helped ESPN use social media to launch espnW and inspire millions of women and girls who love sports.

The event was co-sponsored by the Dodgers Field Hockey and Lacrosse Clubs.

The Margaret Huling Bonz Women of Distinction Speakers Series Endowment Fund was established in honor of Margaret Huling Bonz, head of The Ethel Walker School from 1988 through 1999, for her years of dedication and commitment to the students, faculty and members of The Ethel Walker School community.