Students Participate in Memory Project for Children from Syria

January 31, 2019

Under the leadership of Walker’s Head of Community Partnerships Jocelyn Feliciano ’19, 18 Walker’s students volunteered to draw 18 portraits for children from Syria. Thousands of Syrian children are growing up in refugee camps not knowing life outside a barbed wire fence. The portraits our students create for them carry messages of kindness and hope from across the globe.

This year, the Memory Project organization ( has partnered with several girls schools inside a Syrian refugee camp, and has matched our students with 18 third graders who are all eight years old. Students have been visiting the art room during their free blocks to work on the project, under the mentorship of Art Teacher Corina Alvarezdelugo. Finished portraits are due by February 8. We look forward to seeing their work! View images of their works in progress below.