Students Receive National Arts Awards

February 21, 2020

Four Walker’s students will receive awards at the 29th Annual National Arts Awards Reception and Ceremony at The Capital Community College on February 22. Congratulations to Amelia Holl ’21 (Gold, Silver, or Bronze will be awarded at the ceremony), Mo Mao ’21 (Honorable Mention), Ella Samson ’20 (Honorable Mention) and Elinor Tandberg ’21 (Honorable Mention).

Students also exhibiting in the show include Yolanda Chen ’22, Lena Van Der Klis ’21, Sophia Botero ’21, Joyce Kouami ’22, Alice Gu ’22, Lauren Krupnicoff ’23, Rebecca Williams ’20, Skyla White ’23 and Emily Wang ’23. Art Teacher Corina Alvarezdelugo will also be in attendance, presenting awards for the Adults Amateur category.