Students Win Harvard Alumni Writing Contest

2020 Harvard Writing Contest Winners

Jenessa Lu ’21 and Madi Knapp ’21 have won the 2020 Harvard Alumni for Global Women’s Empowerment Writing Contest. Their winning essays will will be published in a hard-cover volume of the best essays written for this contest by young women from across the globe, including students from Pakistan, Turkey and many more. The topic remains, “What is the greatest challenge facing women and girls in your country?” 

Walker’s is the only US school represented in this volume, so our girls are now ably representing our school, our country, and all women, with their excellent writing. This year’s winners will join Isabel Lardner ’18, Marion Carr ’18, Sabrina Li ’19, Hazel Wang ’19, Riley Sheldon ’20, and Clare Tomlinson ’20 in the Walker’s chapter of this extraordinary book.