The Ethel Walker School Holds Athletics Hall of Fame Inaugural Ceremony

Athletics Hall of Fame Inaugural Induction Ceremony

Athletics Hall of Fame Nominating Committee Member Sydney Satchell ’10 speaks at the Inaugural Induction Ceremony.

The Ethel Walker School Athletics Hall of Fame welcomed its inaugural inductees on Friday, April 21, 2023, during a ceremony held in Ferguson Theatre. The four deserving inductees were Nancy Van Voorhees Barrett ‘24, Brunhilde Grassi Ryan ‘29, Deborah Verry ‘29, and Constance Lavino Bell ‘48.

The Ethel Walker School Athletics Hall of Fame was established to honor those who have made significant contributions to the athletics program as student-athletes, coaches, teams, or contributors, and who have demonstrated a consistent commitment to honoring their sport. These individuals represent the high standards and values of the School and have brought distinction to Walker’s athletics program.

The family of Nancy Van Voorhees Barrett ’24

All of the inductees made significant contributions to Walker’s athletics program during their time at the School and beyond. Nancy Van Voorhees Barrett, who graduated in 1924, participated in track, field hockey, basketball, and tennis during her time at Walker’s. Brunhilde Grassi Ryan, who graduated in 1929, was a standout in field hockey, track, apparatus, and basketball. Deborah Verry, also a 1929 graduate, excelled in tennis, skiing, field hockey, and track. Finally, Constance Lavino Bell, who graduated in 1948, was a star in riding, field hockey, tennis, and basketball. The families of inductees Nancy Van Voorhees Barrett ‘24 and Constance Lavino Bell ‘48 were honored guests at the induction ceremony.

Ellie Bell ’12, granddaugther of Constance Lavino Bell ’48

The ceremony featured several speakers, including John Monagan, Interim Director of Athletics, Susan S. Ford ’63, Sydney Satchell ’10, and Dr. Meera Viswanathan, Head of School. Speaking at the event, Viswanathan commented, “Recognizing those who have had success both during their time at Walker’s and in their accomplishments beyond this campus is a true moment of pride for all of us.” The event was a celebration of the School’s commitment to athletics and the individuals who have helped to make the program a success over the years. The inaugural induction ceremony marked the beginning of a permanent annual Athletics Hall of Fame at The Ethel Walker School. The School previously celebrated a Centennial Athletics Hall of Fame during the academic year of 2010-2011, and this new annual event will allow the school to continue to honor its outstanding athletes for years to come.

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Class of 2023 Inductees