Walker’s Begins 110th Academic Year

Opening Days 2020

Following a busy summer preparing for a safe return to campus, Walker’s opened its doors last week to new and returning families for its 110th academic year. 

Over the course of six registration days, students reconnected and acclimated to a new way of life at Walker’s. Students participated in physically distant orientation activities, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) training, co-curricular practices, and outdoor social time. Classes began on September 9, with students and faculty adapting to safe, new learning environments on campus while distance learners engaged virtually.

In her address to new Upper School students, Student Body Vice President and Head Proctor Jordana Doshna ’21 said, “At all of our special school gatherings, we take a few minutes to recite our school meditation. It reminds us that we live and work here as a community. It also reminds us that we will be faced with challenges that may stretch us to our limits. And, we are also reminded when we recite our school meditation that we are loved — by our parents and guardians, our family, and our friends — both the ones we came here with and the ones we will make after only a very short time at Walker’s.”

Middle School Class President Zaria St. Clair ‘25 greeted new Middle School students, saying, “The school year will be unconventional and at times hard, but we must support one another … We have to remember to stay safe and respect each other’s boundaries. Over the course of the year you will get to know me, your peers, and your teachers. But most of all you will continue getting to know yourselves. Be curious, ask for help, put yourself out there – only great results will come of it. To our students who will be distance learning this year, you may be out of our sight, but you are not out of our minds. We miss you!”

This year, The Ethel Walker School welcomed 73 new students from 11 states and 12 countries, including Korea, China, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Australia, Dominica, Bermuda, Russia, Colombia, India, Germany, and Mexico.

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