Walker’s Host National Girls and Women in Sports Day Celebration

February 21, 2020

The Ethel Walker School hosted its first National Girls and Women in Sports Day (NGWSD) on Saturday February 15. The event was open to girls in grades three through seven, and offered clinics in basketball, squash, dance and riding. Clinics were run by Walker’s coaches and players from the Ethel Walker Athletic Council (EWAC), a student organization that strives to improve and develop leadership skills, sportsmanship, responsibility, competitiveness, a positive attitude and an understanding of what it means to be a leader of Walker’s athletic program.

Athletic trainer Kristen Nicolle was inspired to bring this event to the Walker’s campus by the colleges she had seen hosting similar events that allowed girls to try out sports they had never played before. Athletic Director Kati Eggert and Associate Athletic Director Mimi Duran ran logistics and helped with outreach. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without sports,” said Associate Athletic Director Mimi Duran. “It has opened so many doors for me and I’ve created lifelong friendships. Studies show that girls who play perform better academically. Introducing young girls to sports builds their self image, self confidence and provides them with the ability to lead themselves.”

“This event allowed girls to try new things, learn from different coaches, and meet girls from other areas schools,” said Walker’s Athletic Director Kati Eggert. “This event gave younger girls an opportunity to try different sports and it allowed our student-athletes to teach and instruct in their area of expertise. This opportunity for mentorship invigorated confidence in all of the participants.”

The clinics were followed in the afternoon by games and matches and participants stayed to watch and cheer on the Walker’s Wildcats they worked with all morning.

Photos by Emmy Vitali ’20