Walker’s Hosts Fifth Annual Holiday Basketball Tournament

Walker’s will host the fifth annual Holiday Basketball Tournament in the Centennial Center on Friday, December 17 and Saturday, December 18. Other schools attending the tournament include Hotchkiss, Cheshire Academy, Millbrook, Westminster, Miss Porter’s, Canterbury, and Hamden Hall. 

Walker’s opens tournament play with a game at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, December 17 against Hotchkiss with all other teams also playing their first-round games on Friday. Each team will play two games on Saturday, December 18, and will be placed into brackets based on Friday evening results. 

Head Varsity Basketball Coach John Monagan is thrilled to be able to bring this tournament back. “We have a great facility, and hosting this tournament is really taking advantage of the Centennial Center. Our student-athletes love playing in this event, and, after taking a year off, we are eager to welcome other schools to campus.” Walker’s will continue to prioritize the safety of athletes and the community, with protocols that will include required masks worn inside our entire facility. All athletes are required to be vaccinated or have proof of a negative PCR test in order to compete for the weekend.

The teams are from Class A to Class B within the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC). Walker’s has recently moved from Class C to Class B. Classes in NEPSAC basketball are determined by enrollment. 

Walker’s varsity team will have played a scrimmage and a couple of games prior to the tournament. “We will play three games in less than 24 hours.  This is both a physical and a mental challenge for our team. We will play a lot of basketball against some really strong opponents which will give us a good sense of where our team is headed into winter break,” says Monagan. “Our hope is to come out of the tournament weekend with three wins.”