Walker’s is First American School Invited for Harvard-run Global Writing Contest

Walker’s juniors and seniors will join participants from Turkey, Pakistan and Germany in the Harvard Alumni Association’s GlobalWE annual essay writing contest. The contest’s mission is one that resonates on campus: to empower women and girls through education, dialogue and connection. The participants will write 500-750 word essays responding to the question: “What is the biggest challenge facing women and girls in your country today?” The winner will be awarded the Harvard GlobalWE Book Award and become part of an international network of award recipients.

Catherine Reed, Chair of Walker’s English Department, is excited about the contest and emphasizes the importance of Walker’s girls finding platforms to articulate their ideas and have those ideas listened to. “Here at Walker’s, we are committed to helping students to develop their own voices—and to be able to use them powerfully,” says Reed. “Having something to say is one thing; actually saying it to the world is something else entirely. Each of our writers surely has her own, vital response. All of the English teachers hope that participating in this contest will encourage our girls to continue to seek to be heard well beyond our own community.”

Each year, the contest takes on topics related to the rights of women globally. Walker’s students’ essays will become part of a repository of perspectives on these important topics and promote the exchange of international experiences.