Walker’s Muslim Student Association and Guests Dispel Stereotypes about Islam

During assembly on Wednesday, February 3, Walker’s Muslim Student Association, Salaam, and public educators Imam Sammy Aziz, Hanon Abdo and Vjosa Aziz spoke to the School community about misinformation about Islam, and addressing Islamophobia.

Imam Aziz provided some background about the pillars of Islam, as well as common misconceptions about the religion as perpetuated by the media today. Hanon Abdo spoke about what it means to be a woman of Islam, and what wearing a hijab means for many Muslim women. Following the assembly, the dialogue continued as the presenters joined a group of students for lunch.

Sammy Aziz serves as Imam for Bloomfield Muslim Community Center and He earned a master’s degree from the of Hartford Seminary Islamic Chaplaincy program. Recently Imam Aziz has given talks on Islam at numerous libraries and churches in Connecticut including Bloomfield Library, Enfield Library, Avon Library, Farmington Library, Branford Library, Asylum Hill Congregational Church and First Congregational Church in Bloomfield. Imam Aziz believes strongly in establishing peace and justice between all people regardless of color, ethnicity or religion.

Hanan Abdo is certified in General Islamic Studies by Al-Dawa Institute in Sanaa, Yemen. She works at Farmington Valley American Muslim Center as Vice principal, Quaran teacher and Young Muslim Girls instructor.

Vjosa Aziz is a public educator working to dispel ignorance of Islam and bring peace to the world. She works as administrative assistant at Madina Academy and is an active member of Bloomfield Muslim Community Center.

Salaam Muslim Student Association was formed to plan activities to celebrate Islamic holidays and dispel stereotypes and misinformation about Islam. Membership is not limited to Muslim students; all Walker’s students are welcome to join.