Walker’s Observes MLK Day Through Student-Facilitated Workshops

Walker's students on stage presenting posters

On Monday, January 18, the Walker’s community observed Martin Luther King, Jr. Day by spending a day immersed in student-facilitated workshops that centered around the theme “The March Continues… When Will You March?”

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, Upper School students rotated between workshops focused on the past and present realities of three topics: voting rights; protest as a means to work for social change; and interracial alliance building. Middle school students created protest posters with slogans expressing what important issues they would march for, including equal pay for women, the environment, equal access to quality education and immigrant rights. The day concluded with a terrific rendition of the civil rights era protest song, Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me ‘Round, by Walker’s choir.

Students who participated in the weeklong class, “Let’s Talk About Race, Baby” during Learning Immersion earlier in the month, developed and facilitated the day’s program.