Walker’s Student Selected for Prestigious Youth Symphony

Nadine Stetzelberg

Nadine Stetzelberg ’23 has been playing the cello since she was four years old and has aspirations of playing in college and beyond. “I want to play in college and in orchestras for as long as I can,” says Nadine. Recently, Nadine was selected to play in the Connecticut Youth Symphony which requires students to audition for the Symphony, under the leadership of the conductor, Dr. Dan D’Addio, and requires students to exhibit a very high level of talent.

“There are different levels of orchestras and the Connecticut Youth Symphony is at the highest level for students who study at the Hartt School at the University of Hartford,” said Nadine. “Playing an instrument in such a large ensemble is a genuine accomplishment. You are contributing to something larger than what you can do alone. It’s something that I missed the most during COVID, being a part of something.”

Nadine says she is energized by how she can feel the music, such as the vibrations in the floor that are created when the group is playing. “I love the pieces we are playing,” says Nadine. “They are challenging but also fun. Everyone has something difficult to do and we are all contributing. You need to understand everyone else’s parts as well as your own. Everyone around me is so good. I can learn from those who have more experience than me but I also can teach others the things that I know.” This dedication to contributing to the group’s success extends into her classwork as well. “You have responsibilities when you have a group project and you need to do your part. If you don’t, everyone is affected by it. We trust each other enough that we each go and practice so we can all be ready to perform.”

Nadine spends about three hours on Sunday and 25 hours per week practicing her cello in addition to schoolwork, including an online engineering class, and riding lessons. Her favorite orchestra is the Hartford Symphony Orchestra as she knows people who play in it and is inspired by their work. “I see women role models all around me,” says Nadine. “My cello teacher is a female and so is the conductor of the Hartford Symphony. Their work inspires me.”