Walker’s Student Shares Her Experiences Working with Rescued Elephants

September 18, 2013

Enajite I. ’15 started her junior year at Walker’s after what might have been the most exciting summer of her life. Enajite spent two weeks working with rescued dogs and elephants in Thailand with Boston-based veterinary service program Loop Abroad.

Enajite learned about the program from a bulletin board posting summer opportunities. “What I loved about Loop Abroad,” Enajite says, “was first and foremost the people. Who you do a program with can have a major impact on your experience.”

While Enajite does not aspire to be veterinarian nor does she own any dogs or cats, she learned from her time in the Loop Abroad program the importance of animal rescue. Enajite’s first week was spent in Chiang Mai, Thailand at the Animal Rescue Kingdom dog shelter, home to around 100 abused dogs. In addition to learning veterinary basics, Enajite developed close relationships with the rescued dogs while cleaning, treating and caring for them.

Enajite’s second week was spent at the Elephant Nature Park, a safe haven for rescued elephants founded by Lek Chailert, renowned for her efforts in rescuing the endangered animals. Enajite fed, bathed and cared for the elephants while learning about their conditions from an elephant veterinarian. “Working with the Elephant Nature Park was a life-changing experience,” says Enajite. “We grew to love and know the elephants like the back of our hands.”

It was truly a summer that Enajite will never forget.

Loop Abroad was created as a way for high school students to pursue their interests while exploring global issues and learning about new cultures.