Walker’s Wins Top High School Prize in Small World Initiative Contest

March 6, 2019

Walker’s Honors Biochemistry students were awarded the top high school prize for the 3rd Annual Small World Initiative (SWI) Do Something About Antibiotics Challenge™, which challenges high school students to do something about superbugs and the growing global antibiotic crisis.

Hannah Iwaszkiewicz ’20, Brigid King ’20 and Lydia Rifkind ’19 won for their creative stop motion video, “Antibiotic Resistance with Monty the Monster,” which educates the viewer on the proper use of antibiotics. The High School Award was presented by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and Walker’s award-winning entry (view video below) was noted for its strength in “leveraging each member’s strengths and [for its] original art, script and voice over.”

Hannah, Brigid and Lydia will have the opportunity to interact with scientists from NIH and participate in informational interviews and a special career event.

Several other Walker’s students earned honorable mentions for their projects, including Sofia Zarmsky ’19 for Best Catchy Rhyme, Stephanie Makowski ’19 for Best Board Game, Olivia Charman ’19 for Best Quiz and Amanda Torres ’19 and Brianna Vega ’20 for Best Interactive Teaching Tool.