Walker’s Presents The Equity Team Members

Elisa Cardona Equity Team

Dear Members of The Ethel Walker School Community:

I am pleased to inform you that we have selected the members who will be representing the various communities of the school on The Equity Team, a taskforce whose aim is to streamline the process for considering suggestions for foundational change across the School community related to Social Justice, Equity, and Inclusion. The selection committee was comprised of the following individuals: Director of Social Justice and Inclusion Elisa Del Valle Cardona, Dean of Studies John Monagan, Interim Dean of Faculty Sarah Edson, Head of Middle School Isabel Ceballos, and Chief of Staff Heather Bucknam.

To support a non-biased selection process, the committee reviewed each application with the names and contact information of each applicant redacted. In doing so, the committee was able to select a robust group of individuals based on their interests, backgrounds, and ability to identify areas that are in need of utmost support in this capacity.

Please join us in congratulating the following individuals:

  • Class of 2021 Representative: Kristen St. Louis
  • Class of 2022 Representative: Akira Hippolyte
  • Class of 2023 Representative: Lauren Krupnikoff
  • Class of 2024 Representative: Averi Rodriguez
  • Alumnae Representative: April Bolton Mwangi ’00
  • Middle School Representative (Parent): Stephanie McCall
  • Upper School Representative (Parent): Gary Jones
  • Full-Time Faculty Member: Rebecca Rojano
  • Full-Time Staff Member: Princess Hyatt

We would like to thank each person who took the time to submit an application to become a member of The Equity Team. The amount of interest and enthusiasm surrounding participation on this team was encouraging, inspiring and we hope that those who applied and were not selected in addition to other members of the School community who did not submit their application, feel compelled to participate in focus group discussions with members of The Equity Team going forward.

The cultivation of these individuals is a major leap in a positive direction for the forward progress of The Ethel Walker School, and we are excited to get working on the important matters affecting our community.

In solidarity,

Elisa Del Valle Cardona
Director of Social Justice & Inclusion