Tuition & Fees

When you invest in Walker’s, you invest in your daughter, not just academically, but in every aspect of her life.

2019-2020 Academic Year

Middle School $39,200
Middle School 5-Day Boarding (8th Grade Only) $59,100
Upper School Day $47,100
Upper School Boarding $64,000
Upper School International $66,950

Included in tuition is a $1,300 annual fee which includes but is not limited to technology, on-campus meals, membership in The Ethel Walker School Parents Association (EWSPA), student activity fees, and some health center fees, including routine use, and flu shots. For some trips, participating students may be charged.

Riding lessons, private music lessons and private tutoring services have additional costs. Health insurance is available only for international students at an additional fee.

Payment Plans

1 Payment PlanEntire tuition payment due on or before June 15
2 Payment Plan
(June & September)
Payment due on or before June 15. Second payment due on or before September 1.
2 Payment Plan
(June & November)
Payment 1 due on or before June 15. Second payment due on or before November 15. Tuition Refund Plan* is required with payment plan.
Monthly Payment Plan
(Domestic Students Only)
Ten monthly installments beginning in May and ending in February. Tuition Refund Plan* is required with payment plan.

*The Tuition Refund Plan (TRP) affords recovery of some or all tuition payments in accordance with the TRP provisions in the event the student does not complete the academic school year. The TRP fee is due in full at the same time as the first tuition installment on or before September 2. The TRP is 3.8% of the net tuition.

The Ethel Walker School contracts with FACTS tuition management to manage tuition payments. If you have questions about Student Billing, please contact Deb Palazzolo in the Business Office at or (860) 408-4242.

"Every day our family is grateful for the experience Walker's is offering Em. Em is positively thriving, growing every day into the unique experiences offered by her teachers, her peers, and the Walker's context. By having high expectations of its students, the School supports one of Em's motivating needs - independence. By having a clear mission and culture of empowerment, Walker's gives space for Em to gain voice and develop not only her intellect but her very sense of herself in a collective context."
- Susan L. P'21